Isabella : Crime has never looked this fabulous


Isabella embodies beauty and tenacity. The city safely cocooned the secrets buried in her heart, while one betrayal pushed her limit. The one constant love in her life is her best friend Frank, who is oblivious to her secrets. He had always thought something was off with Isabella but refused to query since she was the only person who understood and never judged his love for limitless fun. Through thick and thin they navigate their way around trouble. Will the trust between them flourish as she skips between lovers and dangerous date nights? Perhaps she may find the perfect measure of lust and trust in an unexpected romance. Infused with parties, bourbon, lies and murder, let Isabella take you on an indulgent trip of her fabulous city adventures.

Beautiful Jaded Butterflies: Sometimes love is nothing but a twisted game of chess


It’s been a while since my life took a turn for the worst and I couldn’t have done it without my best friend, Frank. I have killed, and so far, I have won the game of chess by beating the hands that snatched me into a downward spiral. Although winning isn’t as satisfying when it comes with a price. Losing my chosen love. Regardless, I’m now wiser, and my confidence is spilling through the lid of my valour. I have money, I have men who fall over themselves, paying for my services, but my anger isn’t satiated. My fire is still roaring, and I’m excited to journal my adventures with you. Open this book and follow my journey into the chaotic and the unknown but, hold on tight because murder is a trip of a lifetime.

Virgo’s Carousel Poems

With each breath, we live through an additional second of complex emotions. Anger engulfed in fire, gasoline of lust sprinkled on the naked flame. We find love in a bottle of Beaujolais and pour passion onto fabrics of hate. Nonetheless, we ride through the lies. Raw and honest, Virgo’s Carousel embodies all that we fear and see. The ride is unforgiving and pure. Plunge into this invigorating book of poetry and paddle in the infinite meaning of a Virgo’s cosmic visions.

tiny reads Poetry collection for on the go spirits

I took some time to write this little book of poems, perhaps it’s a book of quotes depending on who’s reading it. It’s dedicated to busy travellers. Something to look at while you avoid awkward glances on public transport. Don’t take it seriously, although you may choose to. You can enjoy it if it’s your kind of good read. Otherwise, I hope it helps to take your mind off that tricky situation you’re in or at the very least, give you something to look at until your phone works again. All the best.

Prana Poems of the Moment

Life is a curve, engraved with laughter, seduction and pain. Hold this book and find a page that absorbs your thoughts. Find sanctuary in the trails of my intentions that guided the ink. Breathe.

Mercury Retrograde Poems

I’m sitting on a rocky island,
gazing on the horizon of hopes and dreams
Emptiness and resentment oozing
from their seam
In this moment, my worries cease to exist

Their envy, magnified like particles
projected through bifocals
I wince as they whinge,
retreating inside my bubble of certainty
Relieved and determined to live in peace

I wrote this journal,
a book of poetry for you
Let your eyes hang on every word
Let my retrograde chaos bring
tears and laughter that cleanse your soul
Most importantly, enjoy.

Ley Lines: Poetry for the Certified Warrior

Let the vibrations of the earth’s energy align with your own through the resonance of the poems penned in this book. Journey through the pages as the author learns to understand and release frustration, hope and finds security in the state of expansion. This book attempts to represent the beauty and darkness of consciousness ascension through rare and honest poetry. Assume your readiness and leap into an elevated state of perception in the contorted reality presented inside the pages of Ley Lines.

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