Spring Isolation

Some say that now is not the time to force productivity. They say that it is robotic to force ourselves into a working pit, rather than let creativity flow naturally. I see this time as the perfect opportunity to be productive. I am constantly finding inspiration to write within my daily routine even when the routine is a little claustrophobic, static and sometimes dull. I find opportunity to develop my skills and assert my voice into the world while intricately showcasing my thoughts in words. When I am content with my piece, I decide to send positive and healing intentions into the world as well as nursing my mental state. I meditate on finding ways to elevate myself or even to find awareness to better support others. It is easy to lose track of time and fall deep into a lackadaisical state. Therefore, my message for this post is if you don’t have motivation to do nothing else, find some time to go inward and nurture yourself.