Thoughts on spirituality: Five ways to begin or refresh your meditation practice

Let’s talk about meditation. My journey has been quite long, however, fascinating when it comes to meditation. I started my journey three years ago, and the thought of sitting down quietly and watching my breath didn’t appease. At that time, I marveled at the notion of being busy and restless, ensuring that I had a lot of things to do and people to see. My excuse was, “I could never meditate. I can’t get my mind to stop thinking” but then something inside me switched, and I began to understand that meditation was a time to connect with myself with or without thought. Thoughts will always be there, but as you progress with practice, you will be able to automatically quiet your mind. But then comes the time when you fall out of your meditation to practice, sometimes for so long that you dread starting again. Below are the five tips to help you start, whether it’s for the first time or the tenth.

Find a quiet space to reflect

It can be your garden, the bath, or your bedroom, but wherever it is, make it comfortable for yourself so that it’s conducive to meditating. Once you are in this space, try not to focus too much on being thoughtless but more-so reflect on your day, situations, or feelings that stand out to you. Here is where you’ll choose to allow the matter to flow through you and out into the universe.

Write a journal

Writing is a fantastic way to help clear your mind and push negative emotions out and it is a great way to help you materialise your intentions. Words are powerful, and if you choose to study and research them, you will realise that words are spells. You may choose to keep two journals, for releasing negative emotions and thoughts, the other for manifesting your goals. There’s no specific time to journal. Keep it tucked safely in your bag, besides your bed, or anywhere you deem fit. The focus here is to take some time for awareness.

Go for a walk

This is not just any power walk; leave your headphones, and take your time to notice the environment around you, whether it’s on the city streets or the countryside. Pay attention to the sounds and the cycle of how things work, try to see things from a different perspective. How often do you get to slow down and notice things around you? Enjoy and explore.

Try some yoga

You can sign up for a class or follow a free video tutorial; the choice is yours. But when you decided to try yoga, make sure that you do your research and start on a level that is suited to your experience to avoid hurting yourself. Yoga Journal is a great resource to look into.

Watch or listen to something that makes you laugh

Sometimes we all need a healthy dose of laughter. You can relieve the pressure off your meditation practice by simply immersing yourself in content that makes you laugh. You’ll notice that when you’re engaged in this state, your worries will start to melt away, and your body should automatically relax.

Rest in silence

This approach is similar to the first point, sometimes all we need to do is sit or lie in a quiet place. When you rest there long enough, you’ll notice that your body will signal what it needs, and your mind will be receptive to ideas and new thoughts that will encourage your growth.