Beautiful Jaded Butterflies: Sometimes love is nothing but a twisted game of chess (Excerpt)

At first, it felt as though I was living in a dream. Even when I thought that maybe I had always lived that way, the ordeal with my mother, moving to London without guidance in an attempt to start fresh, I felt that I had finally settled into the best life I worked so hard to make for myself. Not a lot changed after the debacle with Ryan. The only thing that I thought had changed was the way I conducted business with my clients. I decided that a woman like me in such a business couldn’t be too careful. So, I decided to sell my apartment and move. You may be slightly confused as to who I am. If you are not remotely familiar with my story, I suggest you read all about my fabulous city adventures in Isabella, Book One in the Mated Fortune series. I am Isabella. Most would conclude that I’m an escort, although I detest this word. I am a brilliant woman who spends time with affluent men for a lavish lifestyle. At this point in life, I have accumulated so much money that I merely just spend time with these men for a high- class level of leisure.

Beautiful Jaded Butterflies

It’s been a while since my life took a turn for the worst and I couldn’t have done it without my best friend, Frank. I have killed, and so far, I have won the game of chess by beating the hands that snatched me into a downward spiral. Although winning isn’t as satisfying when it comes with a price. Losing my chosen love. Regardless, I’m now wiser, and my confidence is spilling through the lid of my valour. I have money, I have men who fall over themselves, paying for my services, but my anger isn’t satiated. My fire is still roaring, and I’m excited to journal my adventures with you. Open this book and follow my journey into the chaotic and the unknown but, hold on tight because murder is a trip of a lifetime.