J.P. Mooney’s read of the month

Since I journeyed on the right side of eighteen, I made affirmations to never tell anyone about my family or my life experiences. Turning my back on Dorset with my mind set on new opportunities though risky, was the best decision I made in my life. The city was my secret diary where I spilt my tears alone at night, sipped an entire bottle of Pinot Noir and anxiously waited for that dreaded knock on the door. Since my mother died, I had developed acid for plasma and a stone for a heart. The morning after I slept with Jack I woke up and found two thousand pounds on the pillow and a note, instructing that I needed to collect something from a boutique in the designer district under his name. When I arrived, the snotty saleswoman at the counter said that I needed to fit for a pair of shoes. From that day I expected nothing less from men. Most times, I enjoyed the general company of older men, whether it was an upscale dinner date at Nouveau or fully funded shopping trips in Milan with Frank. The more money I made, the better my lifestyle flourished.

Isabella: Book One in the Mated Fortune Series

Isabella embodies beauty and tenacity. The city safely cocooned the secrets buried in her heart, while one betrayal pushed her limit. The one constant love in her life is her best friend Frank, who is oblivious to her secrets. He had always thought something was off with Isabella but refused to query since she was the only person who understood and never judged his love for limitless fun. Through thick and thin they navigate their way around trouble. Will the trust between them flourish as she skips between lovers and dangerous date nights? Perhaps she may find the perfect measure of lust and trust in an unexpected romance. Infused with parties, bourbon, lies and murder, let Isabella take you on an indulgent trip of her fabulous city adventures.