Thoughts on philosophy: The Art of Detachment

Don’t let low vibratory people and their worry for the mundane pull you from your progress and elevation. Many times, people will ask questions and bring news that pulls focus from your higher self and growth. It’s quite common to look back and see that some people are still engaged in lack mentality, distractions and generally stuck being stimulated by things that do not serve them. You’ll find that some people even reach out only when it relates to drama or selfish needs. This is why it’s important to detach and remove yourself from triggers that pull focus from your growth. Vibes from people and situations do run off on you hence, why you’re left feeling depleted after certain interactions. The truth is the higher you vibrate, expand your consciousness and elevate yourself, the more your light shines. The brighter you shine, the more energy vampires will be attracted to you, like moths to a lightbulb. Detachment is a way to protect yourself from such interactions. You’ll find that those left unsatisfied with your lack of attention will automatically label you standoffish, selfish or antisocial.

It’s important to set healthy boundaries and honour them to protect your mental health. Not everyone that you meet or have relationships with will be on the same journey or level of consciousness as you. Regardless of situations and interactions that trigger you, reassess the underlying reasons and whether you need to address them or detach from them. Sometimes though, not everything requires addressing hence, the importance of mastering the art of detachment. You can do this by meditating to balance your mind and align yourself, listen to high-frequency music, walk in nature or take a bath with some Epsom salt and essential oil if you’re feeling depleted. It’s okay to set healthy boundaries and distance yourself from drama. Growth is not easy, although we can do things to make the journey easier for ourselves.

Until next time.

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