Thoughts on survival: My Autumn Essentials

I was not too fond of autumn when I first moved to the UK as a child because I grew up in a literal paradise. The islands of Seychelles are glazed with high temperatures all year round, clear blue seas laced with white sand and every food that touched my tongue were natural and seasonal. So you can imagine how much of a culture shock it was to move from such a place to the cold dark days of autumn-winter in the UK. I grew to like it, though, as I was and still am adaptable. I have grown to enjoy the chilly air and embrace the seasons like a professional. Below are a few of my essentials that will help you get through the transition from a (non-existent) summer to the darker days ahead.

Enjoy frequent cups of hot beverages to keep you warm and cosy such as Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Spiced Latte (with real pumpkin not flavoured syrup), Green Matcha Latte or Chai Latte.

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Invest in good quality stylish jumpers to keep you warm.

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Find good movies and series to watch on your streaming service of choice.

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Arm yourselves with some excellent books. Since Halloween is fast approaching, you could get in the swing of it with a good thriller.

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Be constructively productive. It’s great to throw ourselves in work but ensure that you try to enjoy your work process to avoid extra stress and funky moods. Take frequent breaks and rest or plan your to-do list efficiently so that you can make the most of your time without hitting burnout.

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Be creative and find something you can do to activate your sacral chakra. Write poetry, paint, draw, sing, dance etc.

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Spend time in nature during the day by taking a walk, observing wildlife or just vibe in the park or garden.

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With the darker days approaching, it’ll become easier to spot sky objects in the evening. Look out for moon cycles, the brightest stars or planets in orbit throughout the season. You can find apps that can help you track which sky object is above your house and learn about them.

Photo by J.P. Mooney

Take time to improve your health by cooking fresh meals and working out whenever you can.

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Meditate often to keep your mind calm and clear.

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Check on and make time for your loved ones.

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Get organised. Go through your finances to plan for upcoming expenses, get your car serviced and your home essentials checked and replenished.

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Until next time.

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