Thoughts on change: How to embrace transitional times

It is no secret that changes in our lives can often catch us off-guard and make us feel unsettled. Over the past few years, I have learned a lot about myself during transitional periods in my life. Sometimes I would get caught in anxiety, especially when I didn’t have a clear vision of where I was going or what I wanted to achieve in all aspects of my life. The truth is, change is inevitable, and the universe is in a state of constant change to grow. We are changing and learning new things every day. What may have appealed to you yesterday might not have the same spell today, and that’s okay. Life changes come in various forms, such as losing a loved one, being derailed from your journey, or even in something materialistic such as moving home. Regardless of what happens, the way we approach change can make or break us.

Stay grounded and aligned with yourself

It’s important to remain conscious of who you are and rooted in your core beliefs so that you can approach change with confidence. You are more likely to waver and crumble under pressure when you lose sight of who you are and forget your values. When going through life changes, ensure to reconnect with yourself by doing the activities that keep you grounded.

Trust that things will work out for you

It’s easy to get lost in the questions and anticipations of what will happen at the end of the road. Nobody knows this, not even you. Yes, you may know how you want things to turn out, but life can quickly change course. What you do have right now, though, is the ability to trust that things will be okay. Trust in yourself, your strength that you can get through this current process and trust that the universe has your back. Even if things do not work out precisely the way you thought they would, take it as a sign of a lesson that needed to be learned.


Yes, during chaos, frustrations and stress, it is most important to remember your breath. Breathing is an essential part of life to keep you alive yet, most people forget to breathe correctly. Take a deep breath into the pit of your stomach, fill your lungs and exhale. Do this a few times, especially during stressful times of your day.

As I write this post, I also take my advice as I am going through personal relocation changes. Everything is unfamiliar to me, and I sense anxiety setting in. A thought came to mind last night, and I wondered, ‘how can I use this unsettling feeling to ease myself into the process of change?’ I am still unclear, and my mind continues to race because I want to feel settled and confidently know my way around to focus on further growth in all aspects of my life. But, I do know for sure that I will be okay. Therefore this week, I encourage you to ask yourself the same question.

How can you use this unsettling feeling to ease yourself into the process of change?

Until next time.

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