Thoughts on survival: How to preserve your energy during the holiday season

We are now in the holiday season, and regardless of your beliefs, you’re bound to be surrounded by people who feed off your energy. Energy vampires are not always a threat, especially when you have mastered yourself and set healthy boundaries; however, during this time of year, it’s pretty difficult to avoid them if they’re your family members or run in the same social circles. Below are a few tips to help you master your energy so that you can recognise when to set boundaries and protect your mind, body and spirit.

Let go of self-judgement.

Sometimes we have negative thoughts that surface in our minds, and as much as it is vital to stay positive, it’s also important to acknowledge them. You can do this by writing a journal to express your emotions and thoughts without judgment. This will enable you to let go of suppressed feelings and accept circumstantial occurrences as they are. Journaling also helps you see the thoughts and situations from a fresh angle, allowing you to see what steps to action.

Sip relaxing tea.

Several herbal teas can help you recline into relaxation. You often do not see how tensed and stressed your body is because you’re busy with your daily responsibilities. So when you feel overwhelmed, take a break to sip some hot tea that is also healing. Peppermint, rose, lemongrass & ginger (my favourite) or green tea for a subtle energy boost.

Go into your quiet corner.

Whenever you feel your energy being drained during social events, allow yourself a moment to retreat into a quiet space to recharge and breathe. Sometimes, we feel like we have to please others and grace them with our undivided attention although, it’s essential to ensure our batteries are fully charged.

Plan gatherings 2-3 days apart.

Everyone’s starting to book time off and making plans for holiday dinners. Whether it’s for professional or leisurely meetings, try to plan activities 2-3 days apart, as this will give you enough time to recharge your energy and reevaluate in preparation for further upcoming events.

Take time to reflect.

Are you the energy vampire? It’s easy to claim we are affected by other people’s actions and habits; however, it’s difficult to face ourselves. Therefore, taking time out for reflection is essential, and it is a constructive approach to analysing our habits and actions. This way, you become one step closer to mastering yourself, making understanding and coexisting with others more palatable.

Indulge in the small luxuries.

Take time to enjoy the small luxuries in life, such as sipping a cup of gooey hot chocolate, tasting a delicious tipple or just going for a walk in nature to enjoy the crisp air when the sun is out.

Don’t avoid hermit mode.

It’s perfectly fine to decline invitations. It’s also okay if you prefer to revel in hermit mode because, understandably, this time of year can become quite stressful. However you decide to spend your time, ensure that you are doing what is best for you and creating a safe space of comfort.

Until next time.

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