Thoughts on success ~ Your Personal Brand Matters

Your personal brand matters whether you’re attending a job interview or running a small business. Your personal brand is when you make a conscious effort to create a perception that influences others to see you as a leader in your field. In essence, this is how you promote and present yourself to the world. When you do this well (and some people do this exceptionally well), you can actually link your personal brand to your professional ventures. Hence why we have a drastic increase in online influencers. Some people choose to focus on their content and strategy in their business rather than their personal brand, and some choose to place their personal brand at the forefront to attract their audience. Your personal brand can be well-thought-out or develop organically as your business grows. Regardless, how you present yourself will impact your public perception.

If you’re confused about your personal brand, think about whether how you present yourself makes you memorable. Do you stand out in a crowd, or are you a needle in a haystack? It also stretches as far as how you present yourself in social settings, especially if there’s potential to boost visibility for your business. For example, try not to hand out business cards if you’re drunk or not of sound mind, as this may impact the public’s perception of you.

Whether your personal brand is low key or chaotic, strive to optimise it to your advantage. Yes, you have great content, products, and services, but these can easily be forgotten if people merely glance over you.

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