Thoughts on growth: It takes courage to have an open heart

I have recently grown into a heightened self-awareness and realised that just as the world goes through changes, destruction and growth, so was I. The old beliefs and habits I clung to with reluctance to change started to wear thin as my heart grew bitter and heavy with desolation for my past, present, and the world. In this process of facing my shadow, I realised that the frustration I felt often presented itself in the people of my environment. The pin dropped when I aligned myself with the wisdom that we are all divinely connected and reflected in each other. Everyone else is a mirror of my internal truths and struggles. So I decided to surrender to this wisdom by sitting in silence and observing my thoughts until my higher self presented itself without judgement.

During meditation, I understood that by always striving to protect my energy from others, I inadvertently closed my heart to the limitless possibilities of experiencing absolute joy in this lifetime. Sometimes we are so deep in following the narrative of ‘protecting my mental health and energy’ that we end up closing ourselves completely without realising. Mind you, though, this state of being, provides a sense of safety for most people. But the more we hide and build a wall, the more disconnected we become from the world. Hence, the further the detriments to our mental and emotional health. Now, I’m not advocating that we throw our boundaries out the window in the name of building connections, no. Today, try to focus on the concept of Universal Love. Universal love is conscious and loving at the same time. It is also known as universal consciousness or cosmic consciousness. Universal love is a unification of all aspects of essence. When you experience universal love, you understand the action of love. An action is loving when it has all aspects of essence. A loving action is a gentle action when gentleness is needed, a firm action when firmness is needed, a compassionate action when compassion is needed, yielding when yielding is needed.

To be in alignment with universal love, one’s heart has to be open and be in the present moment. But this is where it gets tricky because having an open heart means having courage to be emotionally intimate with ourselves and others. So how do we know when our heart is closed?

You experience disconnection from others and most often you feel lonely.

You experience anxiety and depression.

You find it extremely difficult to forgive and let go.

You are unable to feel empathy.

You suppress your emotions and become afraid to face them.

You’re jealous of people and their circumstances.

You lose passion for living your life to its fullest.

Your judgement of others blinds your ability to see past their flaws.

You hold extremely high expectations for yourself and others.

You constantly feel heaviness in your chest.

If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, it may be time to take a step back and get in touch with yourself. Start journaling and observing your emotions. Talk to a therapist, meditate or consult a spiritual practitioner. This is something that only you can determine the best way to process. You might sometimes experience a flush of emotions, for no apparent reason, as you open the gate and release. The realisation that I needed to open my heart more was empowering. The thoughts and experiences in my reflection made sense once I became aware of why I behaved a certain way during times of conflict. Now that I am conscious and willing to accept that personal change is needed for my growth, I can begin to take action and do the work required to live life abundantly.

Until next time.


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