Thoughts on life: Playing fair in an unfair world is self-sabotage

It’s interesting how many people claim to live life fair when the world that we live in isn’t fair. Think about it. You may walk around on a moral high ground, playing by the rules, doing everything right, yet you often wonder why some people have manifested their best life, and you’re stuck in mediocre land. I’m not advocating lying to and hurting people. Although, when it comes to your desire to have more, a promotion at work, the lover of your dreams or being at the forefront of success, playing fair sometimes is just a slippery road to self-sabotage.

You may have set your eyes on the partner you desire, but others have too. You may want that promotion, but so do your colleagues. You may want to stand out from the crowd but so does thousands of people. Sometimes, doing everything right doesn’t mean you’ll get to where you desire to be. It’s not that you have to be conniving, but some situations may require a bit of manipulation. Before you raise an eyebrow, manipulation isn’t always a hostile action. You manipulate your life every day. Perhaps you desire a new hairstyle; that’s manipulation. Maybe you feel low and sense your energy isn’t right, so you use manipulation to change your mental state to be more productive and motivated. Let’s say you want that work promotion. You may put in extra effort to let your manager see you, and perhaps you find a way to spend time with them outside of work to bend their ear about your projects. You see, that’s manipulation that puts you on the forefront to be seen and heard.

Some of the most influential and successful people in the world didn’t get to win by playing fair. At some point, one has to think and strategise their way to success. Some people’s feelings may get hurt along the way, but when you’re working on yourself and knowing that your heart is always in the right place, the world will have to make space.

Until next time.


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