Thoughts on success: How to manifest your dream life

A quick search on google will give you various answers to this question: how do I manifest my dream life? Manifestation is having a desire and taking action to bring it into reality. For example, you may desire a new car but don’t have the funds to make the purchase. First, you need to do some research and plan how you can own the car. However, the point between having the desire to own a new car and purchasing it has to be filled with belief. You may desire something, but if you don’t believe that you deserve it most likely it will not come to you. You must be clear about your goals and mindfully set the intention for them to flow to you. You can set the intention by writing it down on paper or creating a vision board. This is your way of telling the universe that you are serious about receiving whatever you desire. Manifestation is not something to be afraid of. However, you do need to be conscious of what it is you desire because you may receive more. If you manifest your car without clear intentions, you may find yourself driving your new car, which you cannot afford hence, putting your finances into a shortfall.

There are many ways you can manifest your desire; however, the basic process is identifying your goals and setting an intention for them. Once you have done this, what many people who fail to manifest dismiss successfully is the fact that you have to take action. You can’t tell the universe that you want a new car and expect to have it parked outside your house the next day if you don’t have a source of income. The great thing about manifestation, though, Is once you’ve made it clear what you want, doors of opportunities will open to make it easier for you to access it. Sometimes it takes time, and that’s why you also need to have some trust in the concept of divine timing. Divine timing is a force that propels events in life to happen at the right moment—and for an underlying reason. Sometimes you may need to put in extra work, while other times, you’ll find opportunities to receive your desires that come to you very quickly. Be mindful of people selling you expensive courses claiming to teach you how to manifest your dream life quickly. The power to create the life you want is within you, and nobody can give you a shortcut, no matter how convincing they may be. An important question is ‘what is your idea of having a dream life?’. Most high profile Youtubers and gurus will sell you the expensive lifestyle filled with material things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re living their dream life. Money is nice to have. Yes, it is a tool that most of us need to survive, but to some, their dream life might mean having the creative freedom to express themself. At the same time, others might desire a dream life of experiencing complete solitude in nature.

When you embark on the manifestation journey, take some time to learn the principles of the universe. Whether you’re spiritually conscious or not, everything in this world is energy. If your energy is not aligned with what you want, you’ll find yourself chasing desires to no avail. If you desire to be beautiful but you’re carrying a lack of self-love, you will always feel unattractive and project this out into the universe. Take your time with manifestations and find resources to learn. Don’t fall into the pit of buzzwords and trends. Create the life that is right for you.

Until next time.


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