Thoughts on life: Learn to love people from afar

If you’re reading today’s post, you’re most likely on a journey of self-growth and consciousness expansion. You will inevitably meet people and conflict along this journey. In the current state of the world, aligning with yourself and protecting your emotional and mental health is imperative. The world currently presents many distractions and emotive agendas. If you want to be depressed and reside in a constant state of fear, look at the news or talk to someone who has not been working on themself. Many of us have worked hard to detach from the negativity of life. But that’s not to say that it can always be avoided. Conflict and chaos bring experience. However, we don’t often realise that some conflicts are in our close environments, presented in the people close to us. This can be toxic family members, friends and partners, and it’s not always easy to disconnect.

One important thing to note is that your job in life is to improve yourself and experience joy. It is not your job to fix others, nor your responsibility to impart knowledge and wisdom to those who can’t receive it. So what do you do? Find a way to adjust your perspective and love them from afar. If you know you need to cut people out of your life, so be it. If you’re a work in progress (because aren’t we all?), learn to take the good of people with the bad. Detach from their toxicity, and set your boundaries while loving them as they are. Take a step back, observe their behaviours, and look at your reactions and how you process information.

Your life doesn’t have to be exceptionally difficult.

Until next time.


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