8 ways to live your best life

Understand that living your best life is not always the concept of living a luxurious lifestyle 24/7. Elevate your mindset to find enjoyment in the more minor luxuries of life.

Invest in your favourite beverage your budget can afford. Tea, coffee, wine, juice or hot chocolate? Invest in the best version of this and enjoy it guiltless whenever you need a pick me up.

Pick up your favourite book and research its fanbase communities. Join, have fun and discuss your common raves.

Shower your pet with unconditional love. Give them a big snuggle and feel your heart chakra open.

Hug someone you love and say ‘I appreciate you’. Watch the frequency shift for the better in both of you.

Bake yourself a fancy cake.

Grab a to-go coffee and walk in nature.

Invest in quality fabrics for your wardrobe, bed linens or bath towels.

Until next time.

~J x

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