The 6 types of toxic people to be aware of in life~Get your scanning glasses on. 

The passively aggressive one. This person isn’t choosing to ignore and breeze through conflict because they don’t care. Because, let’s face it, most of us choose to do this when we realise that we have much larger fish to fry. No, this person cares about the problem of the conflict. However, they’re so deep in their self-righteous feelings that they use silence as a weapon to get to you. These people will also often take jabs at your expense but shroud it in their manipulative emotions to gaslight you.

The argumentative one. This person always has a counterargument, debate or point to express in conversations. You may just make a statement based on your personal experience for its sake. Nobody has to be right or wrong, and no one has to agree with you. BUT this person will go out of their way to let you know that they disagree or find a point from your statement to challenge you.

The controlling one. We all have controlling tendencies, whether we like it or not, but this person is engulfed in anxiety if they lose control over every situation. From where you’re having dinner to how you should execute your job, they always have a ‘better suggestion’ for you to follow. Although, dare to make a counter suggestion, and they’ll practically make drama for a century.

The jealous one. In the words of Beyoncé’s Hold Up, ‘what’s worse looking jealous or crazy? I think I’d rather be crazy’ (lol). On a serious note, the jealous person is an enigma to decode because they’re often controlling too. They get jealous when you spend time with someone they don’t like, but on the other hand, they won’t spend time with you. They make personal decisions without needing your input (rightfully) and claim to be happy with their life’s decisions, yet, they get jealous of your life and how you go about your daily routine. They make snarky comments alluding to their jealousy of you, but they never take steps to be better and do better. AND they expect you to always cater to their needs, always feel sorry for them while they’re probably stabbing you in the back, trashing your lifestyle with their other delusional gang of people, who most likely talk about them behind their back.
Furthermore, they fuel their insane mindset to put you on edge when you raise your concerns by saying, “I feel that you’re projecting your toxic problems onto me.” Yet, they always need your validation after making their shitty decisions. Detach and disengage.

The aggressive one. This person always has a passionate approach to life’s problems. Even if they’re wrong, their hot-headed temper always gets the better of them. They’ll start shouting or may even get violent. A small argument may escalate into a screaming match, whether at work, in lessons, at the doctor’s, at a restaurant or even at 1 a.m. They work themselves up so fast that they don’t care who they affect or damage in their release. Then they simmer down so quickly as if nothing happened. Be extra careful with this one.

The innocent one. This person has an excellent reputation for being nice. They’re soft-spoken, always seem helpful, and they never seem to lose their shit….until you piss them off. Under their nice facade, they’re usually passive-aggressive and argumentative geniuses to the point where they’ll know how to work you up without you realising. We are most likely to encounter this person in work environments. They skillfully get under your skin and then play the victim when you snap back. When you’re aware of how this evil genius operates, you’ll feel like you have to watch your steps when approaching conflict with them because they’re quick to throw you under the bus.

My heart goes out to you if you’re unfortunate enough to have met any of these people. May you heal and grow stronger on your journey.

Until next time.


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