Thoughts on well-being: Self-soothing is a necessary skill

The world is chaos. I say this in almost every blog post. If you’re emotionally and mentally attached to your phone, ferociously scrolling through YouTube and social media and reading the news, you would know that the world is chaotic. Then you wake up in the morning, begrudgingly take a shower and get ready for work at a job you most likely hate. Even if you love your job and have great relationships and social unit, you’re bound to have something to do that you just can’t stand. In this current cycle, it seems that we all have something weighing on our shoulders regardless of our spiritual practice, mental and emotional development or career growth. It’s as if there’s universal pressure that we’re all enduring, whether we’re aware of it or not. However, it’s not necessarily a negative depending on perspectives. 

Regardless of your situation, knowing how to self-soothe in times of great stress is essential. Self-soothing is being aware of your mental and emotional state and taking action to alter it with things and activities that feel good. The key here is knowing what feels good for YOU. There’s no point in doing what someone tells you to do online if you know it won’t feel good or make a difference in your well-being. For some people, self-soothing is sitting silently holding a pillow while practising deep breathing. For others, it may be journaling, eating something nice, taking a hot bath or exercising. When you need to self-soothe, take a timeout and listen to your inner compass. An idea of what you need to do for yourself will come to mind. 

Until next time. 


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