Thoughts on life: Boredom can be a b*tch

“I’m so bored!”. We’ve all said this phrase in our lives, some more than others. Regardless, we’ve all encountered situations where we have verbally or mentally expressed boredom. When we feel we have nothing to do, we default to doing anything that provides stimulation. We recline into couch potato mode and watch Netflix, browse the internet or force ourselves to meet up with friends, and before we know it, our energy is drained.

The note that most people refuse to accept is that boredom is okay to experience. Society and social media always seem to make us feel like we should be doing something all the time. It’s not easy to be at home when everyone is presumably living their best lives. The key word here, though, is ‘presumably’. Just because people post pictures and always look busy doesn’t mean they’re having a better time than you. In today’s times, we are so busy chasing stimulations that we forget to take time out to reconnect with ourselves. How many times do you sit in complete silence and do nothing? Even when we have time off from work, the current trending culture always tells us to be ‘booked and busy’, so we work ourselves into anxiety, fearing that we should be doing something constructive in our downtime. It doesn’t end up being productive, though.

Yes, boredom is uncomfortable and frustrating, but one thing you’ll find is that by surrendering to the process, you allow yourself to explore aspects of yourself that you were too busy to notice.

Until next time.


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