6 lessons I’m learning as an online entrepreneur so far

My time is mine. However, it’s easy to fall into a time trap thinking, ‘as long as it gets done on time, I can do it when I’m ready. As a writer, inspiration strikes spontaneously; however, having the discipline to ensure I complete everything on my to-do list each day is essential. Otherwise, things pile up and get confusing.

Organisation is always key. Being organised is in my DNA as a Virgo but even if you’re not, strive to have a clean automated routine every day.

Blockages and bumps in the road are natural. Learn to acknowledge and rectify them quickly. Working for a company and having a boss is easy because you can ask for support when you’re stuck. Lone working requires you to have a curious and troubleshooting mindset. It’s up to you to fix the problem.

Income is unpredictable in the early stages of the journey. If you don’t work, you most likely won’t get paid. This is why it’s important to have an automated system and multiple avenues of income.

It’s challenging to stay focused and motivated, but seeing results from your work brings a feeling of accomplishment.

People won’t understand that your working schedule is different because it’s not 9 to 5. Be prepared to be a mild disappointment in your social groups because you can’t make it out to an event on the weekend.

Until next time.


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