A quick message of gratitude

I want to thank you all for giving my blog posts your time and energy. Some days I get stuck on ideas and feel like I’ve hit a brick wall, but your engagement fuels my drive to explore various subjects and inject constructive articles into your day. As long as I can channel my thoughts into written words, I will continue to motivate and help you reach your goals. The most exciting thing about writing is that we are all on this journey together regardless of our business goals. Rest assured that when I receive a Ping back notification, likes, comments, external sales or a message, it truly makes my day, and I am incredibly grateful. I hope that you continue to find posts or books that continue to get you through the grittiness of life as we advance. Let’s continue to be productive together.

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Navigating the journey to winning, creating the life we desire is not easy, especially when external forces are at play. So whether you’re trying to detach from situations and people that cause you to dread the day ahead or you’ve had enough of the trials and errors, this little book of short prose, penned by a like-minded author, may just give you a sense of belonging.

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Stop making yourself small to fit in tiny opportunities that won’t serve you. Know your value and rise to your potential. You were born to be successful. Take it one day at a time. You’ve got this.

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Some people mocked her style, rolled their eyes at her ambition, and laughed at her ability to think outside the box. Most thought she was crazy for aspiring to create the life she desired because she knew that she deserved better. Even in the face of failure, she kept her sparkle and now, when the nay-sayers judge and attempt to ridicule her growth, J.P. Mooney has one answer. F*ck You, I’m fabulous.

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Self-care Tips For Online Entrepreneurs

You’ve managed to launch your online hustle, and things are going well for you. However, you’ve realised that you’re working extra hard in the early stages to ensure you have a sustainable way of making an income. With the hard work comes burnout, and with burnout comes less time to indulge in self-care. This doesn’t always have to be arduous and a chore. Self-care should be for you to reconnect with the self, to boost your mental health and vitality. Below are a few inexpensive tips to help you indulge.


Photo by nicollazzi xiong on Pexels.com

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I constantly affirm the practice of meditation. Meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system, and with regular practice, it helps you see all angles and better manage situations. Meditation is free and can be done anywhere and in any way that suits you. Any activity can be turned into meditation as long as it allows you to connect with the self. Whichever way you choose to meditate, ensure to always stay in the present, breathe and allow yourself to let go. Personally, meditation has opened a doorway to my creative ideas and enables me to explore my subconscious limitations, heal and grow into myself. I love to accompany my meditation with incense which helps create a high vibrational space to get me there. My favourite scent is Oudh and Patchouli.

Take a bath

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I used to hate having baths until I surrendered to the power of bath oils and salts. Having a bath is a great way to remove toxins and unplug from technology and the outside world. You can add your oil or salt blend to enhance the mood and calming benefits as you see fit. Light a lovely smelling candle (My favourite is Jardin De La Lune and Baies), put your phone away and relax.


Photo by Nick Wehrli on Pexels.com

One of the best ways to beat stress and burnout is to get active doing something you love. Working out doesn’t have to be insufferable and painful. You can get a sweat on with your loved ones or just go for a brisk walk in nature.

Read a book

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Let the narrative of a book take you into the unknown for a while. Sometimes, our brains are constantly in overdrive to take in information, and we don’t seem to have the capacity to read for fun. It doesn’t matter whether the book has reviews, but merely it’s whether you connect with it and if it brings you joy. If you’re stuck on ideas for an easy read, check out my fiction series Mated Fortune below.

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A Simple Thought

Today I went for a walk in nature, and it was terrific to take in the fresh air, smell the scent of pine trees and focus my gaze on the life mother earth has produced. Whenever you feel chaotic and bogged down, take some time out to recharge. You’d be amazed by what you could find on a simple walk without expectations.

Until next time.

When Things Don’t Go Right, Go Left

Today’s post is a quick note to remind you that whenever things aren’t going the way you hoped, perhaps your business isn’t hitting targets, or you’re feeling stuck in a slump, look to finding a creative way around resolving problems. You are born with a brain and intuition to find solutions. Sometimes you need to take time out to rest and rethink. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you have hit a brick wall, and you shouldn’t accept the temporary obstacle as a failure. You can and will prosper.

Until next time.

3 Habits of highly successful entrepreneurs

Today’s post will focus on the habits entrepreneurs have that helped them become successful. As easy as it looks, choosing to work for yourself and becoming successful in your endeavours takes courage. It also takes hard work. However, if you take the time to observe those who inspire and influence the world, you will see that they have managed to find constructive shortcuts that made their journey to winning manageable.

They plan their takeover

Whether you want to be the first to create an innovative product or simply inspire others while doing what you love, it is crucial to plan what you want and how you will acquire it. A plan doesn’t just ensure to keep you motivated and disciplined in the short term. It is a mini-manifesto that encourage you to see your bigger picture. A concrete plan gives you a vision, and when you can see your vision, it becomes easier to persuade people to see it. Hence why you need a business plan for a loan or to convince sponsors to invest in your cause.

They sleep

Successful people ensure that they gain enough sleep to keep their minds rested, ready to work on their innovations at all costs. Sure, sometimes projects require more time and energy, and they may not be able to sleep eight hours a day every day. However, they do make sure that they are scheduling quality sleep throughout their days. Quality rest and sleep is important to avoid burnout. When your mind and body are rested, you are better able to work towards your goals with clarity.

They invest in themselves

How many times have you spent time and money on products and services that don’t serve you? In the age of technology and social media, it’s exceptionally easy to get lost in what celebrities and influencers are promoting, and we frown when it’s time to invest time and money in ourselves and our businesses. Nothing in life comes for free, and most times, you need to invest in the tools and services required to give your projects visibility and quality. Life is a cycle, and so is the currency of money and your energy. Ensure that you can afford to lose the amount you have before investing. On another note, I genuinely believe in the power of an abundance mindset. Whenever I choose to spend my money and energy on high vibrational situations, and I genuinely feel like I’m investing in myself, the money I spend always comes back to me quickly. Sometimes we may not want to part ways with our hard-earned income, but it’s important to remember that the flow of money is energy, and this will always come back to you when you put your intent behind your spending.

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3 signs it’s time for you to move on

We’ve all been in situations where we feel stuck or overwhelmed and wondered if there’s more to look forward to over the wall of opportunities. The truth is that there’s always something that we could work towards. However, most times, our visions are clouded. We become stuck in our daily routines, which eventually grinds our energy and suppress our growth. Below are a few signs that you’re ready to move on from a situation. 

You feel anxious 

Whether it’s a toxic environment at your job or home, feeling suffocated by a co-dependent relationship or like you’re consistently facing failure in your projects, the anxiety you feel may be overwhelming to the point that it clouds your judgement and prevents you from moving on. If you feel anxious every time you’re in a situation, you need to evaluate where you stand and make a plan to move on to something better. 

You’re no longer fulfilled or motivated.

You know it’s time for you to move on when everything you engage in no longer brings fulfilment and joy. Maybe try to divert your attention to what serves you and make you feel motivated. 

You dread discussions

If you’re always left feeling like the loser in discussions that you think are worth having, you need to re-evaluate if it’s worth having those discussions with the people who dismiss your feelings and concerns. 

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