J.P. Mooney’s read of the month

Since I journeyed on the right side of eighteen, I made affirmations to never tell anyone about my family or my life experiences. Turning my back on Dorset with my mind set on new opportunities though risky, was the best decision I made in my life. The city was my secret diary where I spilt my tears alone at night, sipped an entire bottle of Pinot Noir and anxiously waited for that dreaded knock on the door. Since my mother died, I had developed acid for plasma and a stone for a heart. The morning after I slept with Jack I woke up and found two thousand pounds on the pillow and a note, instructing that I needed to collect something from a boutique in the designer district under his name. When I arrived, the snotty saleswoman at the counter said that I needed to fit for a pair of shoes. From that day I expected nothing less from men. Most times, I enjoyed the general company of older men, whether it was an upscale dinner date at Nouveau or fully funded shopping trips in Milan with Frank. The more money I made, the better my lifestyle flourished.

Isabella: Book One in the Mated Fortune Series

Isabella embodies beauty and tenacity. The city safely cocooned the secrets buried in her heart, while one betrayal pushed her limit. The one constant love in her life is her best friend Frank, who is oblivious to her secrets. He had always thought something was off with Isabella but refused to query since she was the only person who understood and never judged his love for limitless fun. Through thick and thin they navigate their way around trouble. Will the trust between them flourish as she skips between lovers and dangerous date nights? Perhaps she may find the perfect measure of lust and trust in an unexpected romance. Infused with parties, bourbon, lies and murder, let Isabella take you on an indulgent trip of her fabulous city adventures.

The importance of knowing your self-worth

How many times have you cut yourself short in this lifetime, hoping that one day someone will hand your success?
When you’re creating opportunities, It’s never easy to root yourself as a high-value asset that people would take seriously without feeling like you’re letting your ego lose control. Yet, you have to find a balance between your desire to be liked and your desire to be valued in the circle of life. People who like you won’t necessarily value your work or think that you’re worthy of success. This is why it’s crucial to think about what you’re contributing to the world and believe in your work. It’s essential to know your worth so that you don’t settle for less, which could potentially slow you down. To successfully achieve your goals in entrepreneurship and creative ventures, you need to have a level of self-delusion, that unrelenting belief in your craft that motivates you to keep evolving. As you continue to grow and learn from your mistakes and successes, make decisions that empower you to become the best version of yourself while working smarter to ensure that your goals are met effectively. If you don’t know your self-worth, it will become challenging to pitch your ideas. Hence, it opens an invitation for people to doubt you and for external factors to shake your foundation. Remember who you are.

Until next time.

Your dreams are yours and yours alone

It’s reasonable to think that because you support people in their business and creative ventures, that they would support yours too. The truth is, people are not all the same, and most wouldn’t choose to spend their money on buying your products and services if it isn’t in alignment with their lives. It’s important to understand that as much as you would like your friends, acquaintances and family to root their beliefs in your goals, most often, this won’t become a reality. The truth is, nobody can hold your dreams and goals with as much care as you. Nobody will push themselves towards the accomplishments of your success but you. YOU will put actions into motion towards your success, and only you will know the depth of your desires and motivation.

Take care of the self and keep going.

Until next time.

Stay motivated, even in undesirable situations

First of all, the fact that you’re here well and breathing in the current climate is a blessing. Please recognise that your efforts and the choices you’ve made have placed you on this whirlwind journey to self-discovery and growth. Secondly, understand that you always have a choice and that situations don’t last forever. Today’s topic will pull focus on how to stay motivated when you feel trapped in undesirable situations. This can be at work, in business or in creative ventures. There have been conversations from different corners of the internet, encouraging people to find their higher purpose and to strive towards building a business around it. Whether you have decided to build a business or flowing in the direction of expanding your creativity, it’s no secret that we all sometimes hit obstacles along the way. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you have a choice to give up or to keep going until you make it.

It’s not easy to put aside the time while working around other commitments to set action towards your goals. After all, we are humans, and we get tired and frustrated. When you find yourself feeling down and out, think about an icon in the current culture who inspires you, and remind yourself that you have the same amount of hours in the day as this person. Realise that they too had to go through adversities and make sacrifices before they got to where they are now. Stay focused on your passion for your creative projects by surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals, whether it’s online or in person. Repeat your affirmations to divert negative thoughts and to better attract your opportunities.

Trust the process and until next time.

The daily habits of spiritually conscious people

Every conversation I have often ends with, “Jude, you’re always smiling and ready to go. How did you become this?”. The truth is that I wasn’t always like this, and sometimes I also face obstacles that cast a dark cloud over my life. The difference between the ‘old’ me and my awakened self is that rather than surrender to the power of temporary obstacles, I choose to do the inner work to identify why such situations occur, process my feelings about it and work to find a solution. This wasn’t an easy skill for me to master however, with consistency and focusing my cause on practising mindfulness, I eventually developed this skill to become second nature. And I always tell people to understand that whilst it seems easy to succumb to destruction, it takes a lot of energy to reside in a permanent negative state. It also becomes a distraction from your growth. Besides, life is a journey, and like an elastic band, we also require a small amount of stress to help us learn and expand our mindset to better understand ourselves and our surroundings. If you’re reading this, I will presume you also want to know how spiritually conscious people engage in their daily routines.

We abundantly practice gratitude

This practice is essential to me because I realised that the universe is continuously providing me with opportunities and good fortune. If it seems to be the smallest gesture that turns in my favour, I find the time to say thank you and be grateful. A few people have tried to challenge this by stating, “I never get anything good, so I can’t find anything to be grateful for.”…What if I told you that perhaps you don’t receive good opportunities because your subconscious mind is programmed to exude the lack mindset therefore, all the negative thoughts that you’re projecting is attracting negative situations to yourself? This may not make sense to a few people, but for those of you who are ready to make a positive change, this message will resonate with you. A simple practice to change the chain of negative thoughts and attraction is to list five things you are grateful for every morning. Then, move on to listing five more things at lunchtime and five more before you go to sleep. Repeat this exercise every day for one month, and you will notice subtle changes in your life. Eventually, you will be in a state where you can find gratitude in everything you do. Not only does being grateful helps you to ground yourself and bring your thoughts back to a mindful state quickly, but it also helps to align our actions with our highest purpose. It also brings awareness to how connected everyone is in this world and how fortunate you are because what you perceive as a bad situation may be a desired dream situation to someone else. So it’s important to express sincere gratitude for what we have, as others may not be fortunate.

We always strive to understand the lessons in every situation

This is often a challenge for me because sometimes undesirable situations occur to break us down to build us back up. And as we go through the release process, which is often dark and painful, we cannot see the lessons. Sometimes situations seem too much to deal with that I ask, “what possible lesson am I actually gaining from this pain?”. Of course, it’s a lot easier for me to explore this now. However, it is understandable how easy it is for some people to settle into the funk. I firmly believe that some situations and the people we meet in life teach us a lesson about ourselves on this journey. Seldom we may find ourselves in friction with others yet, they were placed in our path to bring a message or deliberately make us feel uncomfortable to detach from what is no longer useful or needed. This can be in business, work, friendships and relationships etc. I had been around people where I felt uncomfortable even though they had always been in my social circle. At one point, the uncomfortable became overwhelming, that I thought there was something wrong with me. After meditating and reflecting on this, I understood myself better and knew nothing was wrong with these people or me. We were simply not on the same frequencies, and the social events that I once was excited to attend were no longer conducive to my personal growth. The lesson was, it’s time to evolve in my independence, be okay with doing things I love alone, and unlearn what I thought friendships should be. Lessons in your lives will undoubtedly be different from mine, but the point is that it’s up to you find them out. Stay open and strive to understand the why’s so that you can move onto how to create solutions.

We take extra care to understand emotional imbalances 

This point is a bit controversial because some people say showing emotion is OK, and some say it’s terrible. My reasoning lies somewhere in the middle. As human beings, we all have some level of emotional expression. When you’ve done the inner work and are in alignment with your higher selves, you will notice that you continue to grow resilient to mundane situations, and quite frankly, not a lot of them will phase you. However, sometimes the subconscious would randomly release what’s been harbouring under the surface, and this is when we tend to explode. At this moment, we can identify what we are feeling and explore what could be the trigger. Then, choose to channel those emotions into a constructive outlet such as journaling, painting, and generally creating or sit in silence and take your thoughts back to a time you felt pleasant and peaceful. One of the powers of the mind is that we can easily transport ourselves to a positive timeline to instantly lift our mood and spirit. The key here is to explore if you are detrimentally projecting your emotions onto others or constructively managing them.

We meditate and reflect 

There are various ways to meditate, and it’s up to you to find a practice that suits your needs. I find that meditation not only helps me to relax and reset, it also enables me the space to reflect, which subconsciously allows me to gain problem-solving skills. At the least, it can easily be integrated as part of your self-care routine.

We’re always seeking knowledge and wisdom

Books, Youtube videos, articles and whatever draws our attention, we always seek knowledge and wisdom to expand our consciousness. The more we know, the better we can make decisions that ease adverse effects on our journey. One common misunderstanding is that some people equate knowledge with their ego but having knowledge does not make us better than others, we are just more aware, and our choices are made on our sense of knowing ourselves.

We create strong boundaries

This also ties with the above point as the more knowledge and wisdom we receive of ourselves and our surroundings, the better we are at setting firm boundaries to protect our energy and our growth. We can set healthy boundaries from a place where we are deeply rooted in our cause. If certain situations and people do not align with how we live, what we believe and practice, we won’t voluntarily place ourselves there. This is not to be negative but to protect ourselves from possible unwanted toxicity.

We get a sweat on

Some swear that spiritually conscious people should stick to light exercises to preserve energy. However, there’s nothing wrong with this. Like-minded people prefer to get a good sweat to get stagnant energetic gunk to flow out of our bodies. Each person is different, and I like to switch up my exercise routine with a mixture of hardcore cardio and yoga, depending on my needs. Whatever you decide to do, try to make it fun and energetic.

We vibe with nature 

This has become another of my favourite activity. I grew up in a tropical country, and being in nature is not a surprise to me. Yet, since I began my spiritual journey, it has been amazing to notice every little thing about nature. Before, I would sit in the garden and just listen to music. Now, when I sit in the garden, I notice the birds and their cycles (they come and go and each time they bring an extra offspring), how long the plants have grown in such a short time. Even my neighbour’s cat seems to sense when my vibration is high and drops by to bless me with her healing energy to make me smile. I notice the cloud formations, and my absolute thrill is looking up at the moon and stars on a clear night.

To conclude, every person is different and can identify and practice what is best for them. Even if none of the above resonates with you, ensure to find your own way to stay balanced and connected to the self.

Until next time.

Message of peace and prosperity

Wishing everyone peace, balance and prosperity as we enter into the new cycle of spring. Continue to read, gain knowledge, create and grow in sync with your highest self and purpose. Remember to exercise your free will and keep your focus on situations and people aligned with your truth to manifest the life you desire and deserve. Continue to meditate, do the inner work and stay grounded as you navigate your way through new projects, job opportunities, friendships and love. Find the balance between learning and pleasure.

All the best

J.P. Mooney’s Discounted Poetry & Suspense Thrillers For Your March Reading List

This week’s post is a little late. I have been rounding up my administration for the new season becoming. Today, I announce that my book series Mated Fortune which consists of Book 1 & 2, is now discounted until mid-March 2021. By discount, the original ebook price is 4.99, and the discount price is now 0.99. I don’t know about some of your expectations regarding discounts (of any kind), but to me, it doesn’t really get any better when it comes to a good cosy read. Thank you so much for your support and engagement to my consistent readers and subscribers; you continue to grow a positive community. For new readers, welcome and thank you for dropping by! I hope you find messages that resonate with you, or at the least, I hope that my content makes your day a little better.

Mated Fortune Series is available on ebook and paperback however, the discount is for ebook copies only.

For my die hard poetry lovers, to celebrate the upcoming two years since I published Virgos’s Carousel, this ebook is discounted from Today until the 6th March at 0.99 on most platforms.

Enjoy, and until next time!

How to mind your business and do you

The title grabbed your attention, and I bet you’re expecting today’s post to be catty. If you’re new to this blog, you should know that this is not how we vibe here. Sure, I strive to keep my posts relatable and engaging; however, my core value and aim are to open explorative conversations and help readers find solutions as they journey towards their higher purpose. This week I thought about the action of minding one’s business. This is not to necessarily say that we should shut ourselves out by sitting in the house with a pout thinking that we are better than everyone else, no. My reflection on this is that sometimes, we lose awareness of ourselves and fall off track when trying to achieve our goals. Sometimes, we also don’t realise that other people have infiltrated our mental and emotional space leaving us energetically empty. This is usually achieved as we scroll through social media which prompts us to care way too much about what everyone else is doing. In return, it makes us feel bad because we’re not doing the same thing and having the same ‘fun’ as celebrities and influencers. It may also be a case of having family, friends or even colleagues constantly dumping their unwanted funk onto you. Most of us know one person we feel stuck with (because sometimes the universal lessons take a lot longer than expected) and have to consistently protect our energy because nothing in their life makes them happy. Whatever the case may be, there are people and situations lurking like landmines that catch us off guard now and then. If you find yourself caught in too deep with someone else’s situation and detached from your own growth, below points may help you to reconnect with the self.

Meditate like your life depends on it

There are several ways to meditate, and you don’t have to jump into a full hour of meditation if you’ve never done this before. Find a quiet place and allow your mind to wander to eventually be still. You can also meditate on the breath as a guide to balance your mind when it’s full of chatter. Do this a few times a day and be patient with yourself as you go through the process. Eventually, meditation will be integrated into your self-care and mental health routine, enabling you to be aware, fluid and adaptable in situations and around people.

Mine your business

In the age of technology, social media and faster wifi connections, it’s becoming increasingly easier to create a side hustle doing something you love and boosting your income. Suppose you find yourself always complaining about how much you hate your job or your current financial situation and seeing other people living their best lives tick you off. In that case, it’s time to consider removing the lack mindset and tap into your entrepreneurial spirit. You don’t need much to start a business, for most of them you only need a phone and good wifi. Figure out what you love doing for free and find a way to get paid for it. Do note that it’s essential to do your research and start small to build your clients and your brand. Ensure that you have all the facts before you make any financial investments. I can’t promise that you’ll be wealthy and successful quickly because having a business takes time and sacrifices. However, the process will keep you occupied, excited and disciplined; therefore, you’ll barely have time to be concerned with what everyone else is doing.

Read books

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but books are packed with information that will fascinate you. Business and finance, fiction, health and wellness and the list go on. Below are books I currently recommend.

Business and finance knowledge: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Richistan by Robert Frank, The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham

Fiction escapism: Mated Fortune Series by J.P. Mooney, Ice Cold Boss by Olivia Hayle, The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

Poetry: Mercury Retrograde Poems by J.P. Mooney, Sea Sores: A Brightonian Book by Nick Wood, Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

Consciousness expansion: Sciencia by Matthew Watkins, The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, Ley Lines by J.P. Mooney

Some of you may find it difficult to detach and focus on your growth in the current age. It’s important to understand that sometimes we may go through undesirable situations. However, there’s always a lesson in disguise. Just remember to reflect, acknowledge the lesson and keep moving forward.

Until next time.

The importance of reading

Reading is a great resource to find information for educational purposes and self-development. I have to be honest and confess that I couldn’t always read and write confidently in the English language. But I will always remember a wise person’s words that were told to me as a young person, ‘reading is the key that opens doors into new dimensions’. Growing up, I always thought that only ‘serious’ books were educational. Thus, the authors who wrote them were the only voices worth expanding my library for. I even thought ‘real writers’ and ‘real books’ didn’t belong on a kindle. Of course, that was me at such a young age, before I even dreamed of writing stories or building a literature business. For me, reading is and will always continue to be a way into gaining self-knowledge, to detach and re-charge my energy, and enter a world full of opportunities regardless of the genre.

Books are portals to indulge in fantasy, connect with characters and explore the author’s expression. They are also a way to understand history, culture and the expansion of life. It doesn’t really matter if you’re excellent at reading and writing, what matters is our overall understanding of the messages that have been written on pages and how we use it to improve our lives. You can also use books as a way to communicate and connect with people, to teach the generations to come. Regardless of personal preference in genre, kindle or kobo, Amazon or bookshop, we are moving into deeper integration with technology where authors’ works will become even more accessible. Now is the right time to venture into new genres and explore someone’s story.

What are you currently reading?

Until next time.

Check out trailer 2 for Mated Fortune Thriller Book Series

It’s been a while since my life took a turn for the worst and I couldn’t have done it without my best friend, Frank. I have killed, and so far, I have won the game of chess by beating the hands that snatched me into a downward spiral. Although winning isn’t as satisfying when it comes with a price. Losing my chosen love. Regardless, I’m now wiser, and my confidence is spilling through the lid of my valour. I have money, I have men who fall over themselves, paying for my services, but my anger isn’t satiated. My fire is still roaring, and I’m excited to journal my adventures with you. Open this book and follow my journey into the chaotic and the unknown but, hold on tight because murder is a trip of a lifetime.

Available in ebook and paperback.