How to have a good night’s sleep

If you don’t understand the struggles of having a good night’s sleep, then you’ve had the opportunity to sleep well. If you have struggled with experiencing a decent quality sleep schedule, you would know how much of an impact lack of sleep has on your body and day. I usually need at least eight hours of sleep to set myself up for a solid, productive day. When I don’t get enough sleep, my skin looks dehydrated. My mind doesn’t align with my goals. I walk around spaced out and uninterested. However, the quantity for me is never better than quality. Sometimes I find myself having slept for nine hours and still feel as though I haven’t slept at all. Or I would sleep for two hours and feel like I have enough energy to take over the world when I wake up. The subject of sleep is subjective, and only you will know how much of it you need to function at your highest potential. Points in this post are not medical advice; therefore, please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Drink water

It’s a cliché, but drinking water is essential to our health. If you are dehydrated, you may find yourself feeling lethargic, having constant headaches, muscle cramps and dry mouth, which are more likely to disturb your effort for a good night’s sleep.

Exercise well during the day

Not only does regular exercise help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle, but it also helps you to reduce stress, improve heart health and raise your vibration.

Have a consistent sleeping schedule

It’s difficult to fall asleep at the same time every day. However, it’s not impossible. You just have to prioritise it as your goal to get into the habit of being in bed around the same time each day. Of course, this means without your phone!

Eat dinner early

Eating dinner early gives you plenty of time to digest your food, so you are not going to bed with an uncomfortably full stomach.

Try herbal teas

If you go to your local health store or even the tea section in supermarkets, you will find a variety of natural teas that will help to support sleep. Try a tea that helps you relax about an hour before you get into bed and let the herbal compounds do their thing. Always check the label for suitability and ask your physician for advice before consuming.

Soak in a relaxing bath

Try some lavender scents or simple tip a few drops of your favourite bubbles under running water to relax after a long day.

Journal before bed

Journaling is a great way to write your thoughts and feelings without feeling like you are being judged. It is important that you don’t judge yourself in this safe space. Take some time to write down whatever is troubling or making you anxious before going to bed. Journaling doesn’t always have to be about negative thoughts. You can also write about the highs of your day and your goals.

Stretch before bed

Do some light stretches, and yoga poses before bed with some breathing exercises to get your blood flowing, your energy moving and your mind clear.

Invest in a quality blanket

So far in my adult life, nothing beats a good heated blanket. If heated blankets aren’t your thing, invest in a good quality blanket or duvet to ensure a cosy night’s sleep.

Until next time.

Don’t underestimate the power of taking small steps- Step into your purpose now

Three years ago, I embarked on the journey to becoming a self-published author. I didn’t think it was possible and was caught on the notion that I needed a publisher and agent to be a ‘real’ writer. I had no clue how to publish a book, nor did I have a sustainable plan to start a business. All I felt was that I wanted to write. I love the art of writing, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. I learned how to self-publish, maintain a website, build an audience and manage every aspect that came with being an independent author. The process was and still comes with challenges; however, one thing kept me going even when I felt lost. Trust. Once I wrote my first poem, I received ideas for the rest. When I published my first book Virgo’s Carousel, I thought of my next project and worked slowly, accepting the challenges and knowledge that came in the process. Thirteen books later, I’m still learning about the business and myself. It’s never too late to start on your goals. There will be challenges along the way, and sure, sometimes you will feel like giving up but don’t succumb to the fear and the doubt. Life is to be lived how you want it to be. Just take it one step at a time.

Until next time.

Have Faith- You’ve Got This

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It’s the start of a new year, and it’s no surprise that some of you are feeling pressure from your environment. Social media makes it appear that you should have all your ducks in a row and live your best life. Although most mean well, coaches and gurus are pushing for you to do great this year. The pressure of starting a new year is very real, just like celebrating any milestones. Today though, take a breath and be in the moment. It’s normal to not feel like everyone else. It’s okay to want to sleep or bury your head in a good book. What matters is that you are aware that your motivation and execution of your plans will come at the right time for you. Whatever the size of your goals this year, or even for the years to come, have faith in your ability to make it happen. Trust in your ability to create abundance for yourself and spread positivity to others.

Until next time.

It’s not over, keep going.

Just as you thought you were making progress, the world you’ve worked hard to create and build crumbles from under your feet. It could be a situation that caught you off-guard, someone’s attempt to drain your energy and steal your power. Maybe you lost yourself in an argument, stooped to the lower level to get your point across but failed to stay in alignment with your higher self. It’s okay. Life happens. There’s time to detach, breathe and re-evaluate. The most important thing to remember is that you will be okay. Muster self-awareness to see where you could improve, understand the situation from all angles, heal. As we enter the new year, set intentions that are in alignment with your goals and don’t let anyone stand in the way of your execution. Keep going.

Until next time.

Broken Petals: Inside the cracks of lust infused desires (Book 3 in the Mated Fortune Series) NOW LIVE!

Life is complicated, but I didn’t think I would ever fall in love with a man who didn’t pay for my time. I thought that was it for me. A real opportunity for normality until he decided to leave. He was everything, and suddenly I was back to being the popular loner. Frank held me down, though, with loyalty as we navigated our way back to life. This was until the thread on the mundane world broke, dropping our lives deeper in the web of lies and blackmail. Then, just when we thought it was over, circumstances occurred that shifted us into a heightened state of survival. Life was no longer a pleasant adventure, but a never-ending trip filled with monsters and real-life gargoyles, plotting to take us down as they executed their agendas. This time though, Frank and I would work to heal our broken hearts and slay to win.

15 ways to affordably practise self-care

Ah, self-care! What a lovely way to take some time, recharge and connect with the self. Self-care can improve your happiness and align you with your relationships, friendships, and all things that unravel in your daily life. Self-care has been a massive part of my daily routines since I was a teenager, and I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Everyone deserves to feel good and their best. So continue reading the points below for ideas on practising self-care affordably.

Place yourself in positions that brings joy.

Whether you’re choosing to hang out with your loved ones, choosing a new job or venture, it is essential to ensure that you find joy in all that you do. There’s no point in placing yourself in situations that will make you unhappy. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. However, you should try to reevaluate your circumstances and plan positive change.

Read this book

Okay, it wouldn’t be a J.P. Mooney blog if I didn’t inject my own work. But on a serious note, I worked on this ebook to incorporate Neuro linguistic Programming strategies that will help get you where you need to be.

Play with your skincare product

No, don’t throw them around the room and make a mess. Instead, you can make time to use your skincare products as part of your daily routine. Lotions and potions moisturise your skin, although you can also use them to massage your face and body to release tension. Scented products can also elevate your mood, but it’s best avoided if you have allergies and sensitivity. If you don’t already have skincare products, there’s an abundance of good quality and affordable brands you can research and try.

Draw Something

Even if you don’t have fancy art supplies, take a pen or pencil with a blank piece of paper, let go and start sketching. This is therapeutic as it allows your mind to focus on being in the present.

Play With Art Supplies/ Paint

Similar to the above, if your budget allows it, grab some art supplies to create your very own masterpiece. Get in touch with your feelings and pour them on a canvas. Or, get your hands on an adult colouring book.

Buy or Create Bird Feeders

Photo by J.P. Mooney

You’ll be surprised and thrilled to know that you can attract wildlife into your garden and the neighbourhood. You can do this by creating or purchasing affordable bird feeders and food to hang on a tree or fence. I first hung a bird feeder on a large tree in the garden, and within two days, it attracted a variety of colourful wild birds. Hearing their sound is also high vibrational and calming.

Walk in Nature

Whether you have a small patch of green by your house, in a garden, or you have access to a majestic forest, connecting to nature is undoubtedly a great approach to self-care.

Do Some Gardening

There’s a great sense of satisfaction when you see your plants bloom in season.

Meditate or Just Sit Still

If you don’t know about meditation by now, then you’re in for a whirlwind of surprises. Meditation relaxes your mind and can support healing. Meditation can be adapted to meet your needs. There are various ways to practice, research and find one that suits you.

Light A Scented Candle

A scented candle can instantly change the atmosphere in your home and elevate your mood.

Spray Perfume

Likewise, a natural body fragrance or room spray will instantly make you feel good.

Use Essential Oils

Riveting orange, relaxing lavender or earthy patchouli…You’re in for a treat. More information here.

Read My Mated Fortune Series

Read Contemporary Poetry

Read Free Blogs

Reading is a great way to explore current world affairs, gain knowledge and expand consciousness. The beauty of technology is that you can read pretty much anything from anywhere. By reading blogs, you also show support to the content creators and contribute to their online visibility while enjoying the content you love.

Until next time.

How to preserve your energy during the holiday season

We are now in the holiday season, and regardless of your beliefs, you’re bound to be surrounded by people who feed off your energy. Energy vampires are not always a threat, especially when you have mastered yourself and set healthy boundaries; however, during this time of year, it’s pretty difficult to avoid them if they’re your family members or run in the same social circles. Below are a few tips to help you master your energy so that you can recognise when to set boundaries and protect your mind, body and spirit.

Let go of self-judgement.

Sometimes we have negative thoughts that surface in our minds, and as much as it is vital to stay positive, it’s also important to acknowledge them. You can do this by writing a journal to express your emotions and thoughts without judgment. This will enable you to let go of suppressed feelings and accept circumstantial occurrences as they are. Journaling also helps you see the thoughts and situations from a fresh angle, allowing you to see what steps to action.

Sip relaxing tea.

Several herbal teas can help you recline into relaxation. You often do not see how tensed and stressed your body is because you’re busy with your daily responsibilities. So when you feel overwhelmed, take a break to sip some hot tea that is also healing. Peppermint, rose, lemongrass & ginger (my favourite) or green tea for a subtle energy boost.

Go into your quiet corner.

Whenever you feel your energy being drained during social events, allow yourself a moment to retreat into a quiet space to recharge and breathe. Sometimes, we feel like we have to please others and grace them with our undivided attention although, it’s essential to ensure our batteries are fully charged.

Plan gatherings 2-3 days apart.

Everyone’s starting to book time off and making plans for holiday dinners. Whether it’s for professional or leisurely meetings, try to plan activities 2-3 days apart, as this will give you enough time to recharge your energy and reevaluate in preparation for further upcoming events.

Take time to reflect.

Are you the energy vampire? It’s easy to claim we are affected by other people’s actions and habits; however, it’s difficult to face ourselves. Therefore, taking time out for reflection is essential, and it is a constructive approach to analysing our habits and actions. This way, you become one step closer to mastering yourself, making understanding and coexisting with others more palatable.

Indulge in the small luxuries.

Take time to enjoy the small luxuries in life, such as sipping a cup of gooey hot chocolate, tasting a delicious tipple or just going for a walk in nature to enjoy the crisp air when the sun is out.

Don’t avoid hermit mode.

It’s perfectly fine to decline invitations. It’s also okay if you prefer to revel in hermit mode because, understandably, this time of year can become quite stressful. However you decide to spend your time, ensure that you are doing what is best for you and creating a safe space of comfort.

Until next time.