Assume your readiness

‘Digging for love today

Is a terrifying concept

Despite the noise

Despising the force


To walk in the direction of an opening heart’

Let the vibrations of the earth’s energy align with your own through the resonance of the poems penned in this book. Journey through the pages as the author learns to understand and release frustration, hope and finds security in the state of expansion. This book attempts to represent the beauty and darkness of consciousness ascension through rare and honest poetry. Assume your readiness and leap into an elevated state of perception in the contorted reality presented inside the pages of Ley Lines.

Now Available in paperback and ebooks

A quick note and well wishes

Today, I would like to take the time and wish everyone reading this post nothing but peace and prosperity. This year has no doubt been a disruptive challenge, and the battle to keep ourselves whole and fluid has been relentless. At times, loneliness had settled, but as much as some of you have lost, you have also gained strength, self-knowledge and a better view of the world that had convinced you that there was only one way of living life. Although there’s comfort in staying motivated to manifest the life we desire and deserve, the battle is not over. Those who have already planted seeds this year, keep watering them until they bloom into beautiful trees. As we ascend our exit of 2020, let’s continue to do the self-work and engage in activities that contribute positively to our lives and raises our frequencies.

Until next time.

Know when it’s time to find new friends

I think it’s safe to be honest here, and say that most of us have been there? We’ve bonded and created friendships as children in school, teenagers at after school clubs, adults in university and perhaps eventually have grown closer to some colleagues who elevated our dull moments at work. Then we realise that while these people have successfully played their parts in our lives and helped create fond memories, some things are just not the same anymore. We start to notice things are becoming unbalanced and begin to wonder, is it time to find some new friends?

A subtle dread builds every time you’re around them

Cocktail hour has started, and you feel like you’d rather be anywhere else than sit around and listen to them bitch about the same self-inflicted problems you’ve cyclically provided support and solutions for. Then you start to feel guilty for even thinking like this or you simply no longer care yet, you go out with them anyway to be polite. Of course, I think the friendships that are worth saving will eventually rise to a higher frequency, but quite often, deep down you’ll know in your heart when you no longer want someone around your aura. The best thing to do in this situation is to have an honest internal self-evaluation and accept that you’ve outgrown the friendship. Keep it amicable and let it quietly run its course or have a chat with the person in question if you’re so inclined, however, don’t part on an ugly note. Always try to depart on the heart chakra by releasing them in peace, love and gratitude.

You feel like they don’t understand you

Sometimes you feel like you can share most of the trivial issues with your friends and vice versa yet, you feel like you go above and beyond to help find a solution, but it’s not always reciprocated. In fact, if you’re honest with yourself, you realise that even though they seem to be listening, they don’t really understand what you need from them. Try to be as transparent as possible and honest with your expectations of them. If things don’t improve, then it’s probably time to let go and become more self-sufficient.

They’re not as dependable as you are to them

Perhaps the people in your friendship group do not need to check in every day, which is how you prefer it. Although, you’re in a pickle and decide to reach out to them only to find that there’s one or two who often drag their feet or better yet choose to ignore your cry for help. In this case, you can choose to be petty and bat the same bullshit ball back and forth, but quite honestly, this will lower your vibration and waste your time. If you’ve already spoken to the culprit and expressed your concerns about this issue then maybe it’s time to realise that they’re nothing but an anchor in your life. Chances are they choose to not reciprocate support because they have their own issues or they just love to see you suffer. Although, I see this as part of being their own issue too. Either way, we’re too deep into the awakening and self-development to stop and save others.

They’re unpredictable, and engage in dangerous behaviours

Sure, we love to have a good time with our friends, but we have to wonder when is it time to call it a day before we go too far? The friends who don’t respect your boundaries because they have none of their own, are the type of people you should be cautious of. Especially if they’re coercing you to partake in activities that you refuse to be a part of. Think wisely of the company you keep.

You feel emotionally, spiritually and physically drained being around them

This one will probably hit you the hardest as it’s an indicator that this person definitely shouldn’t be in your life. With this situation, the person always seems to have a problem with their relationships, finance or their health yet, they refuse the idea of acknowledgement and choose to deflect their issues onto you. In return, you feel like you’re their support pillar while your energy slowly chips away as they feed off your wellbeing. This matter is hazardous to you if you live or operate near them daily, which makes it difficult to detach. Understandably, the friendship may not have started this way, or you chose to overlook the subtle signs because your heart was open and receptive to their companionship, and this got worse as time went by. Whatever the case is, it’s essential to protect yourself by detaching and by wearing protective jewellery such as crystal pendants to block out their negative energy.

Growing out of friendships can be difficult, but what is extraordinary is our ability to learn the lessons from these bonds and understand ourselves better along the way.

All the best.

The art of getting what you want

I’m assuming that you’ve had enough of playing nice and walking the line of order, only to gain the opposite of what you want in life. Every day, we encounter endless battles justifying our self-righteous needs and fighting the guilt that comes with enjoying our indulgences while pleasing others. How exceptional would it be if we could put out fires and confidently gain everything we desired out of life without hurting people’s feelings? The truth is, feelings are just what they are. They’re not always yours, and they’re not really logical either. Harsh yet honest. One important lesson I’ve learned in the past three years is the understanding of the seven universal laws, and I think the Law of Polarity fits well here. Everything has a dual nature, you can’t have right without wrong, and this notion is understood in the matter of perception. What is good to you may be evil to someone else and vice versa. There’s a duality in all of us and the universe.

We just have to find a balance as we walk the quest to manifest our desires. So the art here is confidence. Confidence comes with knowing who you really are inside and out, having a heightened self-awareness that empowers your decision-making skills. This will not only enable you to make choices without feeling guilty but help you to understand how you connect and contribute to your surroundings. When you’re confident about what you want and how to manifest it into your reality, your high vibration will place you on a plane of higher understanding. Thus, you won’t have time to worry about what everyone is doing or saying about you because you’ll be doing what is best for you. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but with practice, it’ll become easier to execute. Below are useful reading resources to help you along the way.

The Kybalion

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

The 48 Laws of Power

The art of seduction

All the best.

The importance of cooking with purpose

When I think about cooking, I immediately think of my mother. For those who know me, know that my mother is the essence of my very being. Her meals are charged with high frequencies that pull me out of the deepest funk. Today, I will journal about the typical Seychellois dish that brings the family together. Even when we are far apart, this dish never fails to bring us joy. 

When I think about my family and Seychelles, I think about the Fresh Grilled Red Snapper with Spicy Creole Sauce, Fresh Rice and Green Pawpaw Satini Papay. The colours glazed on the dining table, evoking a feeling of security, love, joy and compassion. As I enjoy eating the meal, I have to include that watching (because sometimes it’s better to let the professionals get on with it) or helping my mother cook her exceptional dishes is also a magical experience. She chops her ingredients as though they were just picked from the garden, washes the fish with care and infuses positive intentions as she folds the seasoning in the Satini. This is an alchemy that my elder brother also uses and never fails to impress and envelope the devourers who usually ask for a second serving. And you know the food is really delicious when we sit in silence or get stuck in with our (clean) fingers. This is one way we show love for one another and the community. There’s plenty to extend a bowl of nourishment for our extended family. 

For the sweet-toothed, the traditional Ladob is usually a favourite after a Sunday lunch. The plantain and sweet potato, coconut milk, sugar and nutmeg is the foundation that brings warmth and a smile on my face reminiscent of the holiday cheer that compels me to top up my plate until bedtime. However, it’s not the type of dishes that make or break meal times, it’s the person’s energy that fulfils the purpose they want to convey. I find that it’s imperative to churn and actively add positive intention within every meal I cook as I want nothing but the best for my family and guests. 

I dedicate Today’s post to my mother, my big brother and my Seychellois ancestors.

Until next time. xo

The importance of taking R&R

Today’s post is on the importance of taking some time for rest and relaxation. It has become a habit of mine to schedule in some rest during the weekend yet, something always demands my attention. The laundry, new creative ideas to action, grocery shopping, or even catching up on exercising. This week though, I have vowed to create space for my R&R at all cost. Yes, J.P. Mooney is doing absolutely nothing but meditating, indulging in relaxing baths and sleeping. I wish everyone peace, balance and bliss. Don’t forget to take some time out because if you’re not good, you can’t help others.

Until next time xo

Tiny ways to save money for bigger goals

A lot of times we don’t hesitate to swipe our thumbs and credit cards, purchasing things that we know we can do without. Many of us have goals, and we have an idea of the journey we need to make towards such goals. However, we lack the financial health and longevity. Some of you may wish to purchase your first home or second investment property, thinking about your retirement, or simply wish to start creating generational wealth for your family. Whatever your goals may be, below are some simple steps to help you on your way. Note, I am not a financial advisor, therefore, seek professional help if you’re struggling financially.

Budget, Budget and Budget some more

You’ve probably seen this word everywhere, but the reason why it’s popular is because having a budget is essential to balance your spending and boost your savings towards your financial goals. How many times have you gone to the shop and bought something that you weren’t sure you could afford? Chances are we have all done this. Having a budget is not as daunting and limiting as it may come across. The purpose of a budget is to create a plan for all of your spending. You simply need to write a list of your outgoings with the total and a list of your income. This should include your essentials- bills, clothes, grocery etc. and your wants- The remainder of the money left over from your bills should then be evaluated and placed in a savings account of your choice for the long term. You can also do some research into investing by checking out The Motley Fool.

Balance your wants

I know it’s challenging to adhere to your budget when everything seems to be on sale and it doesn’t help that every social media influencer keeps advertising the latest trend that you NEED to have…The truth Is, you don’t! If you’re serious about meeting your financial goals, you need to seriously consider what you’re willing to sacrifice out of your life. One thing people tend to forget is that long term goals, most times require short term sacrifices and the sacrifices don’t always need to be painful as there are ways to get your needs without spending outside of your budget. If you usually turn your nose up at sales then you can swallow your pride and find some good discounts (yes even on investment pieces), you can learn how to cook your favourite restaurant dishes at home and find the best discount vouchers for your days out. There are ways around doing what you want while staying within your budget, you just need to be more creative and flexible with your research.

Place yourself in the right mindset

Sometimes it’s challenging to save money when we are always surrounded by everyone else’s expectations of what wealth is. The meaning of wealth is unique to each person, and only you know what that meaning is for yourself. In order to reach your goals, you have to take the first step and make a move because nobody will do it for you. Then, you need to align yourself mentally, emotionally and physically by ensuring that your environment is conducive. Your emotional connection to money also needs to be aligned with your vision, and your mind requires focus on executing the actions required to help you on the way. Everyone has their individual circumstances, and to take a step in the right direction you need to pause, evaluate, plan and make a move. This also includes doing research on long term money management by reading books or by finding a YouTube documentary. Yes, YouTube can be handy! Also, it’s good to surround yourself with likeminded people who will encourage and motivate you when the going gets tough but don’t be afraid to go independent if you find that people are dragging you down. There is plenty of support and resources available to help you on your way, but you have to make an effort to find it.

Until next time xo

Thoughts on turning 28

A lot of people fear the big 30 and whilst most are eager to celebrate the important landmark birthdays, there are a few people who either hated or loved their twenty-eighth birthday. First of all, I must reflect on how much I have achieved in one year. Never did I think I would write and publish five books, have a sustainable writing business and still have a tunnel vision for my goals. Yet, here I am, proud of what I have accomplished in a short space of time. Below are some thoughts from myself and loved ones on turning twenty-eight.

Making empowered decisions

Waking up on the right side of my twenty-eighth birthday, what a trip! I didn’t feel as elated as most people showcased on social media. I didn’t feel any different from the day before, and I have to admit that my mental strength was shaky with absurd self-expectations. Expectations of having a giant party, spending loads of money on things that weren’t conducive to my spiritual growth, my mental health or on people that weren’t on my frequency. Of course, looking back now I thought It was a bit ridiculous that I felt pressured by the standards socials created on one’s mental health, but that’s the thing with social media, mundane crap creeps up on your feeds and absorb your energy like a vampire. A light feeling from within then struck me with profound warmth that has stayed with me until now. It was an urge to journal my intentions and affirmations for my personal year, which in turn would empower me to make empowered decisions, in everything I do.

The vow to travel

A lot of people in my circle have said that turning twenty-eight presented more opportunities to travel and experience the world. This is mostly because they are or were settled in their careers with comfortable salaries that enabled them to get up and go. They felt that this was the time where they could really let go of expectations and revert back to their childhood selves. Although we are all aware that this experience is not the same for everyone.

Careers and confidence

This seems to be the common themes with people I’ve spoken to, where they felt more confident turning twenty-eight because their careers were taking off and were on track. On the other hand, some felt that it was the appropriate time to jump ship and change careers. Meanwhile, confidence also increased because they were gaining more experience to do things on their own. This confidence also built into self-knowledge, gaining a better insight into what it is that we want and how we perceive ourselves and the world.

Blooming friendships and support systems

Where would we be without the friends who have stuck by us through thick and thin? Surviving a birthday and life’s journey is doable on our own. However, the experience is fun with friends whom, we have accepted and those who nurture us in return. For most of us who have these superheroes in our lives, whether it’s one or one hundred; a healthy support system is part of a key that enables us to build confidence and feel secure.

Management of expectations

One of the popular thoughts on turning twenty-eight is usually panic and anxiety over being married and starting a family. This is exceptionally true for some people who feel they have a solid ground in their career yet, feel the pressure like they’ve fallen off track in their social life. “The pressure to start a family, as I’m aware of my biological clock and the feeling is very real”. Sure, society and family plays a role in our mental projection of when is the right time to get married and start a family; however, times have changed, and science has evolved. The most important note here is to realise that you need to have an internal assessment and awareness to ensure that you’re making decisions for you and not others. Chances are, family and friends will not pay your bills and childcare if you fall in an unfortunate financial crisis, and they are unlikely to pay for your wedding, that is, unless you’re from a wealthy and generous family. Marriage and raising children is not only financially taxing, but it’s also emotionally and spiritually testing too. If you are not aligned within yourself, and you haven’t healed from past trauma or detrimental habits, you have to take into account and assess if your environment and partner/s are conducive to your goals. Keep pushing through and take your time.

All the best xo

Sometimes it’s the Full Moon

When was the last time you stopped and looked up at the sky? Yes, I’m entirely into observing the moon cycles and astrology in general. Ever since I was a child, I always sat on the veranda gazing at the moon and wondered about celestial mysteries. Now, I know and understand that whilst some would rather stick to trusting what their feet could feel on the ground, I was destined to awaken, explore the metaphysical, and find my purpose. The air around the new moon is exciting too, and of course, the new moon is just as important; however, I had always felt connected and resonant to the energy around each full moon. Sometimes it’s light or fun, but most times the energy leading up to the full moon is intense and chaotic, which makes it excruciating. If you’re a spiritual alchemist, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Each full moon is the midpoint and climax of the lunar cycle, during which the moon is opposite to the sun in the zodiac and is therefore fully illuminated by its light. Hence the intense energy! 

The days or even weeks leading up to a full moon, you may start to feel certain emotions boiling closer to the surface. Depending on the zodiac sign that the full moon is settled in within your natal chart, this energy will affect various areas in your life that require special attention. This will be the things that you need to nurture, re-evaluate, cleanse or release since the full moon brings projects, relationships and processes to a tipping point. Usually, it is a good idea to practise journaling, meditate or even have a relaxing bath- in general, any activity that is conducive to your mental, spiritual or emotional strength and endurance. Whatever you decide to do, ensure that you’re in a safe space. This is a time to reflect and harvest off the seeds you’ve planted in life or to shed thoughts, people and situations that no longer serve you. You may cry or just roll around in hysteric laughter, everyone is unique. If you would like to know more about the full moons or to dabble in a general astrology reading, just type in Full Moon readings on Youtube and pick a reader who resonates with you.

The upcoming full moon is in the sign of Taurus, which is rather unique and exciting because it falls on Halloween (31st October)! In general, this will impact the areas in your life relating to money. So you’re more likely to overspend on your budget and dip into your savings, or you may end up striking good fortune. Regardless, it’s good to be conscious about your finances and be grateful for your blessings. At the very least, look up at the sky and enjoy the illuminated beauty!

Happy Full Moon xo

The art of coping with life

Today’s post is relatively short and reflective. I write this as I sit and observe the world spin around my reality, with the characters fulfilling their roles. Life has been a whirlwind adventure over the past three years, and my awakening hasn’t been smooth sailing. For sure, I was caught up in my own way of preservation and refused to allow myself to be receptive of new opportunities. There were times on my journey that I felt empty even though I was surrounded by friends. Although I knew I had the strength to get through any situation, I felt lost. Nonetheless, I knew I was destined to achieve my life’s purpose. Anyway, no matter what came my way or how low I thought I felt, I emerged on the other side with clarity and confidence to cope with life.


Sure, we’ve all done things that we weren’t proud of. Especially in the reminder reel of disappointments and embarrassing moments from five years ago, your brain decides to play right before you fall asleep. It’s so easy to accept people’s judgements, anger and the disappointing image they paint of us even when the time has flown by, but what if we decided to forgive ourselves. Part of life’s lessons is to learn from the mistakes we’ve made. One thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the choices I made in the past- good or bad, right or wrong. So whenever you feel embarrassment from your former self creep in, don’t immediately turn to shame. Instead, pay homage to that version of you and nurture this self because if we continue to hide in shame and darkness, we are more likely to project our broken and traumatic self onto others. The ‘others’ tend to be the people who are closest to us. Perhaps try some positive affirmations to help you on your journey.

Being selfish

This is a common issue where we feel guilty for our needs and desires. The truth is, we all deserve to have what we need and desire. Most of us run in circles trying to please people yet, we never stop to realise that we are unable to help others if our own cup is empty. So don’t feel guilty to set healthy boundaries. Learn to say no when you need to and find ways to do the things that help you to connect with self. Another way of being selfish is to manage expectations accordingly. We’re not all built to carry our load, and everyone else’s as we navigate our way through life. A lot of people have such high expectations of us that we end up falling over ourselves trying to meet them and vice versa. The key is to find a balance for how others manage their expectations and how we manage ours.

Soothe yourself to sooth others

There have been many times when I felt like I couldn’t afford to soothe people in my circle because I wasn’t aligned with my own peace. Sometimes circumstances arise in life that knocks the air out of your lungs and sends your knees weak, however, to be available and supportive to others, you have to take time out of situations to make sure you’re at peace. Even nurses need to be nursed and nurtured. So if you find yourself in a difficult situation and you feel like you’re patting your way around the dark, take some time out to process your emotions, thoughts and find clarity.

Opinions are not facts

Imagine if you listened to every single opinion that was made about you and your life goals? I can’t imagine this because I know that people’s opinions, especially when it’s unsolicited, are not a concrete fact. We all have our own perception of what life is or what it should be. If you get caught up in a fight, you will notice that everyone who witnessed the fight, when asked, will have a slightly different version to recount, including yourself. There isn’t really a right or wrong account of the fight, but merely, everyone had their own perception of what happened. This is the same with life’s trivial moments. People will always have an opinion, but it’s up to you how you let it affect your life. At the end of the day, when you hop into bed and close your eyes to reflect, the only opinion that matters about your life choices is yours.

Have a wonderful day.