Thoughts on rest: Don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep

The majority of the world is sleep deprived. Even when we sleep, often we aren’t gaining good quality rest. Our subconscious continuously absorbs societal programming even when our eyes close with our heads on the pillow. Sleep not only provides substantial rest, but it is also the opportunity for us to clean out mental, emotional, physical and spiritual gunk to attend the day with renewed energy. It provides vitality. That is why people say “you should sleep on it” when making an important decision. Just as we plug our phones into a socket to charge at night, we plug ourselves into sleep and out of the everyday hustle to charge. Many phenomena happen when you sleep.

  • Your breathing and heart rate slows down while your muscles begin to relax.
  • According to the Sleep Foundation ‘When measured during sleep, brain waves show clear patterns associated with each sleep stage. In the early parts of non-REM sleep, brain waves slow down considerably; however, in Stage 2 and Stage 3, there are numerous quick bursts of brain activity. In REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, brain activity accelerates, showing markedly different types of brain waves. Heightened brain activity is why REM sleep is known as the stage most associated with vivid dreaming.’
  • You dream. 
  • Your hormone levels fluctuate.

Falling asleep and dreaming is a realm of its own. With enough practice and discipline, you could even learn to remain lucid and control your dreams while you sleep. Hypnotherapy exercises during sleep also work to help you reach your goal faster. For example, I remember when I was in performance art classes, and I used to find learning lines challenging. So I recorded myself reciting my lines and listened to the tape while I fell asleep. Everything was stored in my mind the following day, and after three days, I was a pro at remembering my lines. That’s because, as mentioned above, your subconscious mind continuously absorbs the programming, and you can choose what it absorbs while you sleep to train yourself.

Sometimes as much as you know that you have various tasks that need completing during the day, your body will send signals to tell you that it needs you to sleep to repair itself. In this case, when these signs are ignored, your body begins to subtly shut down until symptoms become more apparent. At that point, people tend to panic and run straight for medication when really, they just needed to put in payment for severe sleep debt and good nutrition. I am not a doctor though, do visit your GP if you have medical concerns. On the other hand, some people walk around constantly tired because they sleep too much. So as much as the feeling and thought of staying in bed most of the morning seem appealing, we do need to have a healthy balance of sleep.

I feel that there is no specific time for better sleep as I go with the flow of nature. As an entrepreneur, I need to put certain hours of effort and discipline into my work and balance rest; however, if I feel like having a long nap at midday after my early rising, that is what I would do. Sometimes I can go a total of 24 hours without sleeping (please don’t do this) because my mind goes into overdrive while writing, and I will sleep for 24 hours afterwards to recover and recharge. This is my personal sleeping habit, though, and it works for me. Of course, if you work long hours during the day, it’s a good idea to get ample rest by going to bed earlier at night. Shut off all screens, stop scrolling through social media, do some deep breathing, drink some water, do light stretches and get yourself under the duvet for some snooze.

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Thoughts on success: 5 ways to invest in yourself this month

April seems to be over in a flash, but there’s still time to address habits that no longer serve you and get your life in order. We have eased into spring, and nature is now active yet, some of you may still need support to shed the grogginess of winter and step into vitality. Below are the five ways you can invest in yourself this month and possibly for the long term.

Invest in a good notebook and pen

Yes, you read that right. We all have to-do lists, affirmations and thoughts to write and process as we go through the day. Investing in a good notebook and pen will make your journal moments a little more exciting and keep your brain more alert. Try Paperchase or Amazon.

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Invest in a workout video plan, app or gym equipment

It’s always a good time to take on a workout regime, whether it’s yoga, cardio, pilates, dance or exploring the outdoors. The beauty of today’s technology means that most times, you don’t really have to leave your house to get a good sweat on. If you have enough space, you can find some free workout videos on Youtube, purchase an app or some accessible home gym equipment. If you don’t have space or the funds, simply put on some comfortable shoes and go for a long walk.

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Invest in a holistic health treatment

If you have aches and pains that are managed with conventional medical care or simply just want to try something for your overall wellbeing, it’s worth looking into some holistic treatments that are widely available. Ensure to do your research on the treatments and practitioners, and speak with your doctor beforehand to ensure that your chosen treatment is right for you. These include acupunctureacupressurereflexology etc. A nice massage and meditation may also help you feel refreshed and balanced.

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Invest in a new piece of technology that allows you to work seamlessly

This can be a new phone, new laptop or anything that will help to streamline your workload and enhance your learning experience. If you’re stuck on a choice, you can find something useful here.

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Invest in a new meal plan that is healthy yet indulgent

The majority of us are foodies but also choose to stay healthy. This month you can try adding some new ingredients to your shopping list or invest in a new meal plan. There are plenty to choose from to have fresh ingredients for new recipes delivered to your doorstep. Try hellofresh or Gousto if you want fantastic meals but don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen.

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