Tiny ways to afford the experience of your material desires

Thoughts on finance

It’s okay to want material things regardless of your philosophy on life. The key is having balance. Perhaps you want to try the new Charlotte Tilbury makeup, a trip to a jet-set location or a quality dress from your favourite designers. With inflation going up and higher, the cost of living skyrocketing to the point most of us feel like it’s impossible to put a penny aside for rainy days, and the scorching summer heat summoning us to long for a few days on the beach, it’s a problem that most of us feel entangled into. Although, you don’t have to miss out on experiencing the joys of having a few nice products and creating memories just because you’re on a budget.

First and foremost, remove yourself from the lack and poverty mindset and stop saying ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘I will never be able to have this.’ If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m about reprogramming the subconscious mind to elevate lives. When you use such words concerning your growth, you have immediately placed a limit on yourself. If you don’t already know, we live in an abundant universe, and you have the power to invite and attract your desires to you. You can reprogram your mind by changing your perspective and having a solid plan for motivation and discipline. Repeat affirmations, journal and dive deep into yourself to understand where the lack mindset comes from.

Swallow your pride and go out of your way to find discounts and vouchers for what you want.

The holidays are a great time to participate in gift swapping with family and friends. It’s also a great time to take inventory of the gifts you don’t want to keep and sell on marketplaces such as eBay.

Know the right time to book vacations. The summer usually gets busy with the school holidays, so try to book your holiday off-peak.

This one is obvious but cut out habits such as buying on-the-go coffee and impulse purchases when grocery shopping. (Don’t shop on an empty stomach to avoid temptation).

Don’t be afraid to bid on designer products on eBay. Although ensure that you research the seller, view all photos and check the seller’s reviews.

Wait for the sales! 40% off is better than paying the total price, for sure. You just need to be patient.

Do you really want the product? Take three days to think about whether you’re buying something because you desire it or feeling pressure to keep up with current trends.

Until next time.


Thoughts on finance: The struggles of living within our means

Life comes with responsibilities, and amongst them, unless you’re living off the grid, you have to pay bills. And in the current state of the world’s economy, most are often struggling to make ends meet. One of the perils of managing finances is ensuring that you have enough to live a fulfilling lifestyle. This means that you often require funds to afford your desires. It’s often buying a new book, a dress, holidays or a day out with loved ones. In the age of the internet, though, our desires tend to grow bigger as we see some people ‘living their best lives’ while others swear by the minimalist lifestyle. Then comes the struggles of finding a balance between living abundantly and within our means. So, where do we draw the line? This is an impossible question to answer here as everyone has their financial boundary. We’re all on the same ride in hell, but some are in Lamborghini, some are in private jets, while the majorities are on public transport. So my advice is to place yourself in financial positions that are empowering. Then prioritise what you value the most. If an expensive perfume or spa day is conducive to your growth, then put some money aside and make it happen. 

If you value your sleep, perhaps invest in some good quality bedding once in a while. Nobody should dictate what you can and can’t do in life, especially when it comes to money. Yes, be responsible; however, life shouldn’t be about suffering. Regardless of your budget, living within your means shouldn’t be a struggle. Some days you’ll have to sacrifice to meet specific goals, and that’s on you to evaluate your budget and seek support. Above all, remember that not everything you see online is real. Some are in debt from their head down to their toes, chasing the high of luxury. You don’t need to buy an expensive item to feel luxurious but if you can afford it, by all means, enjoy. 

Until next time.