Thoughts on attachment: 3 signs it’s time for you to move on

We’ve all been in situations where we feel stuck or overwhelmed and wondered if there’s more to look forward to over the wall of opportunities. The truth is that there’s always something that we could work towards. However, most times, our visions are clouded. We become stuck in our daily routines, which eventually grinds our energy and suppress our growth. Below are a few signs that you’re ready to move on from a situation. 

You feel anxious 

Whether it’s a toxic environment at your job or home, feeling suffocated by a co-dependent relationship or like you’re consistently facing failure in your projects, the anxiety you feel may be overwhelming to the point that it clouds your judgement and prevents you from moving on. If you feel anxious every time you’re in a situation, you need to evaluate where you stand and make a plan to move on to something better. 

You’re no longer fulfilled or motivated.

You know it’s time for you to move on when everything you engage in no longer brings fulfilment and joy. Maybe try to divert your attention to what serves you and make you feel motivated. 

You dread discussions

If you’re always left feeling like the loser in discussions that you think are worth having, you need to re-evaluate if it’s worth having those discussions with the people who dismiss your feelings and concerns. 

Until next time.