The Art of Detachment

Don’t let low vibratory people and their worry for the mundane pull you from your progress and elevation. Many times, people will ask questions and bring news that pulls focus from your higher self and growth. It’s quite common to look back and see that some people are still engaged in lack mentality, distractions and generally stuck being stimulated by things that do not serve them. You’ll find that some people even reach out only when it relates to drama or selfish needs. This is why it’s important to detach and remove yourself from triggers that pull focus from your growth. Vibes from people and situations do run off on you hence, why you’re left feeling depleted after certain interactions. The truth is the higher you vibrate, expand your consciousness and elevate yourself, the more your light shines. The brighter you shine, the more energy vampires will be attracted to you, like moths to a lightbulb. Detachment is a way to protect yourself from such interactions. You’ll find that those left unsatisfied with your lack of attention will automatically label you standoffish, selfish or antisocial.

It’s important to set healthy boundaries and honour them to protect your mental health. Not everyone that you meet or have relationships with will be on the same journey or level of consciousness as you. Regardless of situations and interactions that trigger you, reassess the underlying reasons and whether you need to address them or detach from them. Sometimes though, not everything requires addressing hence, the importance of mastering the art of detachment. You can do this by meditating to balance your mind and align yourself, listen to high-frequency music, walk in nature or take a bath with some Epsom salt and essential oil if you’re feeling depleted. It’s okay to set healthy boundaries and distance yourself from drama. Growth is not easy, although we can do things to make the journey easier for ourselves.

Until next time.

Tune out the noise and focus

Today’s post is a quick reminder for you to remember to tune out outside noise and remain focused on your endeavours. Whether it’s self-development or establishing your businesses, you mustn’t let outside influences knock you off your game. The world will not stop moving, and life gets tough however, understand that you have everything you need from within to succeed. So listen to your inner self and pay attention to your needs.

The importance of facing The Self

One of the most powerful things you can do in life is facing yourself. Sometimes it’s not just standing in front of the mirror, releasing emotions and repeating affirmations. It’s sitting still and letting the subconscious bring up all the dirt from the past, your flaws and cringey habits, your mistakes and everything you deem ‘negative’. Going through the emotions and asking questions to understand entirely why you did certain things or why you felt a certain way. Facing the self is also addressing your void, where your deepest unmet needs lie and accepting this for what it is and finding ways to manifest it for yourself. You can tell when someone has gone through this process. They’re usually a lone wolf, unmoved and unbothered by external factors because they finally know who they are. These people are usually strong-willed, independent, honest in relationships and practical endeavours. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Confident in their projection to the world. Such people hold power in their reality, ensuring their connections align with their best interests, yet are not afraid to cut ties with dead attachments and move forward. This is because they have gone through the darkness to face themselves and made it back alone.

This is today’s thought.

Until next time.

Sometimes ‘No’ is the new ‘Yes’

I don’t mean that we should use the word ‘no’ in order to say yes. Today’s post is dedicated to the people pleasers. How many times have you said yes to invitations, to doing favours and in general to anything that doesn’t align with your beliefs or doesn’t serve you? I’ve been guilty of doing this until I sat down and explored why I was always saying yes when most wouldn’t do the same for me. This was exceptionally frustrating at the beginning of my publishing journey. I thought that saying yes to marketing proposals, website developers, or anything that could help me move forward quickly with my authorship had to have been sent my way for great benefits. Then I realised that most of these ‘influencers and promoters’ were actually well versed in creating fake accounts with fake followers to scam people out of money. That’s the truth from my experience. And the same goes for energy vampires in our daily lives.

Some people recognised my strength as an excellent listener to consistently dump their problems on me. Some came for advice only to not take it (which is fine) and usually came back with the same problems. Enough was enough. As much as I wanted to be abrupt and tell such people where to go…I was mindful of the law of cause and effect. Most times, I was in a professional setting or was motivated to create a professional network. Therefore, being uncouth was not the right way to go. After re-evaluating myself and my circumstances, I realised that people would always be people, and I will always be myself. I had to address something within that would attract positive, high-vibrational and productive people into my reality.

I realised that I was behaving desperately. Subconsciously, I was desperate to get my break, create content quickly, and gain a vast audience. After this realisation, I addressed this desperation with a plan of what I wanted to achieve. The truth is, I didn’t care about all of the above. I just wanted to be creative, create quality content and help people. It didn’t matter if only one person read my work as long as they took something constructive or entertaining from my writing. I stopped comparing myself to industry recognised authors and social media influencers. I knew that I was in my own lane, executing my success in my own way. So, I started working slowly and with intent. I learned about the subjects I wanted to write, and I even took a Neuro Linguistic Programming course to maximise my drive. I started saying no to people, and although unsteady at first, it eventually started feeling good. Now, when I say no, I’m ensuring that I keep my priorities in mind and I don’t feel guilty. Some people try to manipulate, but it doesn’t work because I’m grounded in my vision as an independent writer. I am also grounded in knowing who I am as a person.

The point from this post is if you ever feel like you can’t say no, take some time to go within and address the programming of your subconscious. Once you ground yourself, external factors will no longer affect you. Remember your bigger picture and keep going regardless.

Until next time.

A quick message of gratitude

I want to thank you all for giving my blog posts your time and energy. Some days I get stuck on ideas and feel like I’ve hit a brick wall, but your engagement fuels my drive to explore various subjects and inject constructive articles into your day. As long as I can channel my thoughts into written words, I will continue to motivate and help you reach your goals. The most exciting thing about writing is that we are all on this journey together regardless of our business goals. Rest assured that when I receive a Ping back notification, likes, comments, external sales or a message, it truly makes my day, and I am incredibly grateful. I hope that you continue to find posts or books that continue to get you through the grittiness of life as we advance. Let’s continue to be productive together.

Until next time.


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Until next time.

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