Thoughts on life: Exploring the role of creativity

Creativity plays an important role wherever you are in life and however, you define yourself. You may not think of yourself as a creative person, but if you consciously look at your life’s journey, you will see that you can use creativity. In the context of entrepreneurship and modern culture, most people interested in working for themselves have managed to wield their creativity by turning their hobbies into a career. Even if their income consists of a minimum wage, they wake up every morning with contentment as they get to do what they love daily. But what is creativity?

Creativity is using imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. Being creative is like being an alchemist in life. You have an idea and find a way to manifest it into the physical reality. Then, you find ways to give it value. The opportunity to create holds no bounds in the current age of technology. Even if you were to manually create something with your hands, you would find communities online or in-person to give it value. Books, for example, are a writer’s imagination manifested on paper. With the use of technology, the writer can reach a wider audience by converting their story into an ebook, reaching thousands of people worldwide. Likewise, handmade items such as jewellery, crafts supplies, and home decor pieces are given value through the use of the popular site, Etsy. There is a gem for everyone to find in this trusted marketplace.

Creativity is a skill I believe that everyone is born with. Although, it comes naturally to some people more than others. Like any other skill, one must be willing to develop it into greatness. What will you create today?

Until next time.