Thoughts on creativity: The art of storytelling ~ Your writing deserves to be read

Nobody can tell your story but you, whether it’s fiction or a memoir. It doesn’t matter if you feel that someone else has told the same story or that you don’t have enough experience to publish. We are in the age of technology. There’s a plethora of information on the internet for self-help or directories full of professionals to help and guide your publishing process. The art of storytelling is staying true to yourself and using your authentic voice. Immerse yourself in your journey and focus on your cause.

What is your story?

It’s easy to dream and say, “I want to write a story”. However, it has been proven challenging when the writer doesn’t know what story they want to write. So, the first step of storytelling is to know what you want to put out in the world. Then, have a deep understanding of why you want to tell it so that you can plan its execution.


Some people can sit and write anything without planning. However, if you are someone who needs substantial margins to stay on course, take some time to plan how you will approach the process of writing your story. Having a plan also ensures that you can start again with ease if you take a break during the process.

Think about your reader

Sometimes we think that everyone will understand what we strive to convey, and then our work ends up being lost in translation because readers can’t understand it. It’s not that we told a boring story. It’s just that we didn’t quite nail the hook. This is why it’s essential to think about your audience and how they will perceive your writing. It’s good to work with beta readers to gauge interest before committing to publishing.

Until next time.