Thoughts on entrepreneurship: Use the negative for motivation

I suppose if you’re here, you’re looking for motivation to push you forward on your entrepreneurship journey. Sometimes, you may encounter difficult situations where you find yourself experiencing negativity as you hit hurdles in your business. One of the negative is experiencing jealousy. You see others meeting their goals rather effortlessly and you may wonder, why is it so easy for them and tedious for you. You may experience frustrations in your personal life that pull focus from your business. Perhaps you’re caught up in mental blocks that hinder your mental health because you feel stagnant. Regardless of the situation, know that you are not alone.

There are plenty of people like you and I going through the motions of creating, achieving and attaining success without the help of sponsors and investors. Your community will find you, and your tribe will grow. First, though, you need to take a step back and breathe. Go back to the drawing board and look at your strategies. Do you have enough content? Are you putting yourself out there? Sometimes we assume that we’re not achieving our goals faster because we’re stuck in our perception of our work. You perceive that others succeed effortlessly because they don’t publically broadcast their trials and tribulations. Everyone has their struggles. Whether they are large or small, businesses and their productivity rise and fall, and that’s part of the journey. Besides, imagine you peaked and met all your goals overnight without a strong foundation. Would the success be sustainable? You need to trust in your process and know that this is your journey.

Once you have taken a step back, look at all you have achieved in the past six to eight months. Even if you feel like it’s not enough, you’re sure to see that there are some results to analyse and motivate you. Next, you need to find a way to transmute the negative into a positive. This is why I say use it as motivation. Are you jealous of others? Look within and address the lack of self-esteem. Then look at their strategy and see if there are tips and tricks you can apply to your work. Maybe that person makes winning look easy because they wake up early to work out and prioritise their mental health. Whatever the case may be, study the people you deem successful and look at how you can apply changes to your routine to pull you away from the negativity.

Lastly, be grateful. We’re often so busy trying to secure the bag and shine that we forget to take time out to recognise our blessings. The fact that you have awakened to see your full potential, take steps to apply yourself and commit to making money doing what you love and what you’re good at is a blessing. There are people in the world who dream of having the nerve and audacity to follow their dreams, and instead, they’re stuck in jobs they hate. Some people don’t or can’t have jobs for personal reasons. You get to wake up and use your creativity, contributing to the evolution of society. So don’t succumb to the negativity and insecurities. Trust your journey.

Until next time.


Thoughts on success ~ Your Personal Brand Matters

Your personal brand matters whether you’re attending a job interview or running a small business. Your personal brand is when you make a conscious effort to create a perception that influences others to see you as a leader in your field. In essence, this is how you promote and present yourself to the world. When you do this well (and some people do this exceptionally well), you can actually link your personal brand to your professional ventures. Hence why we have a drastic increase in online influencers. Some people choose to focus on their content and strategy in their business rather than their personal brand, and some choose to place their personal brand at the forefront to attract their audience. Your personal brand can be well-thought-out or develop organically as your business grows. Regardless, how you present yourself will impact your public perception.

If you’re confused about your personal brand, think about whether how you present yourself makes you memorable. Do you stand out in a crowd, or are you a needle in a haystack? It also stretches as far as how you present yourself in social settings, especially if there’s potential to boost visibility for your business. For example, try not to hand out business cards if you’re drunk or not of sound mind, as this may impact the public’s perception of you.

Whether your personal brand is low key or chaotic, strive to optimise it to your advantage. Yes, you have great content, products, and services, but these can easily be forgotten if people merely glance over you.

Until next time.


Thoughts on rest: The importance of taking R&R

Today’s post is on the importance of taking some time for rest and relaxation. It has become a habit of mine to schedule in some rest during the weekend yet, something always demands my attention. The laundry, new creative ideas to action, grocery shopping, or even catching up on exercising. This week though, I have vowed to create space for my R&R at all cost. Yes, J.P. Mooney is doing absolutely nothing but meditating, indulging in relaxing baths and sleeping. I wish everyone peace, balance and bliss. Don’t forget to take some time out because if you’re not good, you can’t help others. Let the universe pour into your cup.

Until next time xo

Thoughts on entrepreneurship: How to grow your side hustle in 2022

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Coming up with a side hustle idea is straightforward. Just do a quick search online, and you’ll find yourself with thousands of suggestions. It is also possible that no one else has manifested your side hustle idea yet, but this post, however, will not sugarcoat the process of creating a side hustle. Nor will it promise you secrets to generate millions doing what you love in a short time. Having a side hustle is hard work, but having the opportunity to create your terms, working hours and grow your income brings forth a rewarding feeling. For those of you who are already self-employed, I’m sure that you have a sense of pride when you look back at your progress from your first idea to your first successful transaction. Find ideas below on how to grow your side hustle in 2022.

It’s never too late to start or pivot

Change your mindset to elevate your hustling game this year. Perhaps you’ve tried different ideas that haven’t worked, or maybe you’re stuck with the feeling that your plan won’t work out because someone else has already done it. Perhaps you think you’re too old to start a self-employment journey. Whatever the block is, understand that it’s never too late to turn things around. Sometimes you need to take a step back and reassess the plan to change what isn’t working. Breathe.

It takes money to make money

And it sure does. It could be hundreds or thousands, but realistically you may need to invest in your business to give it longevity. Branding material, marketing strategies, buying stock and storage space, wifi, notepads and pens etc., these all cost money. See where you can cut corners but don’t go cheap just because it’s cheap. Prioritise what’s worth more significant investments and keep your receipts.


Find resources on your chosen industry. Just because you read a book two years ago or have a degree in business doesn’t mean that you’re up to date with current trends and developments. Connect with like-minded people, find free podcasts and Youtube videos or read books. Can’t afford books? Go to your local library.

Use social media to your advantage

If you hate the thought of exerting energy into posting on social media, don’t fret. There is plenty of content management software to help you manage your time and create engaging posts quickly. Social media is a great way to boost your online reach for free. Even if you have less than ten likes on your post, the fact that people are seeing your content is still motivating. Be consistent and create clever content to boost your engagement.

Until next time.

Thoughts on vibes: Watch out for the energy vampire (Sometimes it’s you!)

You’ve heard the term Energy Vampire, and I’m sure you know what it means, but for those of you who don’t, see below.

A person who boosts his own energy by taking energy from others by means of an argument, belittlement, criticism or other one-sided conversation. – Urban Dictionary

It is widespread to have interactions with energy vamps. Even if you live alone and work from home, as long as you have the technology, social media, television etc., your energy is getting drained from somewhere. However, it’s not impossible to deal with them. You just need to know your stance in life and have a solid sense of self. Here are some quick tips to help you manage energy vampires.

Set firm, healthy boundaries.

No is a complete sentence. Have a clear vision of what and who you want to engage with in your life. Evaluate situations before you say yes, and don’t be afraid of saying no. Most times, when you’re coming from an honest space, you’ll find that you won’t need to make up excuses or apologise for saying no. Of course, the right people will understand your boundaries, and the wrong people will have a problem with it, but still, the answer is no.

Be aware.

Make an effort to tune into your surroundings and listen to people. Sometimes it could be that an energy vampire chooses to dump their funk on you because they don’t have anyone else to talk to. Maybe they need nurturing and love. You can choose to meet them with love but at your own pace. Don’t insert yourself into a counselling role if you are not equipped. Instead, you can lovingly encourage them to book an appointment with a professional.

Have self-awareness.

Perhaps you’ve had a horrible day at work, fought with a loved one or just felt funky. This doesn’t mean that other people are open and ready to listen to your rants. Have regular check-ins with yourself. Tune into your needs and find ways to meet them. Yes, you can speak to people but have the self-awareness to ensure you’re not draining their energy. 

Be honest.

When you feel uncomfortable around someone or drained by specific interactions, be honest with yourself and accept that maybe they’re not the person you need to be around at that moment. Usually, people get the hint when you’re ready to withdraw and move on from situations; however, some people are stuck in their bubble. Be constructive and positive, letting them know that you have to leave. 

Until next time.

Thoughts on rest: Timeout. A necessary ritual of life.

Sometimes we need to take a little time out, perhaps put ourselves in the adult version of the ‘naughty corner’ to breathe and heal our mind, body and spirit. Anything can trigger such a need for space, but I’ve found that it’s always good to use that alone time wisely to reassess, evaluate and set intentions for new goals. Life is chaos, and we cannot expect everyone to meet our needs. Being alone enables us to dive into our voids, get reacquainted with our strengths and shortcomings while we work through the process to become the better version of ourselves. Go with the flow and just let the progress unfold. You’ll be surprised at what surfaces. Time out is also an excellent way to cleanse and protect your energy. So don’t be afraid to hit the pause button on the daily grind to find some peace. Take a bath, read a book, meditate or just embrace the silence. It may seem overwhelming or scary at first, but you’ll see how quickly you unfold like a lotus flower.

Until next time.

Thoughts on self-reflection: The importance of facing The Self

One of the most powerful things you can do in life is facing yourself. Sometimes it’s not just standing in front of the mirror, releasing emotions and repeating affirmations. It’s sitting still and letting the subconscious bring up all the dirt from the past, your flaws and cringey habits, your mistakes and everything you deem ‘negative’. Going through the emotions and asking questions to understand entirely why you did certain things or why you felt a certain way. Facing the self is also addressing your void, where your deepest unmet needs lie and accepting this for what it is and finding ways to manifest it for yourself. You can tell when someone has gone through this process. They’re usually a lone wolf, unmoved and unbothered by external factors because they finally know who they are. These people are usually strong-willed, independent, honest in relationships and practical endeavours. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Confident in their projection to the world. Such people hold power in their reality, ensuring their connections align with their best interests, yet are not afraid to cut ties with dead attachments and move forward. This is because they have gone through the darkness to face themselves and made it back alone.

This is today’s thought.

Until next time.