Thoughts on vibes: Watch out for the energy vampire (Sometimes it’s you!)

You’ve heard the term Energy Vampire, and I’m sure you know what it means, but for those of you who don’t, see below.

A person who boosts his own energy by taking energy from others by means of an argument, belittlement, criticism or other one-sided conversation. – Urban Dictionary

It is widespread to have interactions with energy vamps. Even if you live alone and work from home, as long as you have the technology, social media, television etc., your energy is getting drained from somewhere. However, it’s not impossible to deal with them. You just need to know your stance in life and have a solid sense of self. Here are some quick tips to help you manage energy vampires.

Set firm, healthy boundaries.

No is a complete sentence. Have a clear vision of what and who you want to engage with in your life. Evaluate situations before you say yes, and don’t be afraid of saying no. Most times, when you’re coming from an honest space, you’ll find that you won’t need to make up excuses or apologise for saying no. Of course, the right people will understand your boundaries, and the wrong people will have a problem with it, but still, the answer is no.

Be aware.

Make an effort to tune into your surroundings and listen to people. Sometimes it could be that an energy vampire chooses to dump their funk on you because they don’t have anyone else to talk to. Maybe they need nurturing and love. You can choose to meet them with love but at your own pace. Don’t insert yourself into a counselling role if you are not equipped. Instead, you can lovingly encourage them to book an appointment with a professional.

Have self-awareness.

Perhaps you’ve had a horrible day at work, fought with a loved one or just felt funky. This doesn’t mean that other people are open and ready to listen to your rants. Have regular check-ins with yourself. Tune into your needs and find ways to meet them. Yes, you can speak to people but have the self-awareness to ensure you’re not draining their energy. 

Be honest.

When you feel uncomfortable around someone or drained by specific interactions, be honest with yourself and accept that maybe they’re not the person you need to be around at that moment. Usually, people get the hint when you’re ready to withdraw and move on from situations; however, some people are stuck in their bubble. Be constructive and positive, letting them know that you have to leave. 

Until next time.

Thoughts on rest: Timeout. A necessary ritual of life.

Sometimes we need to take a little time out, perhaps put ourselves in the adult version of the ‘naughty corner’ to breathe and heal our mind, body and spirit. Anything can trigger such a need for space, but I’ve found that it’s always good to use that alone time wisely to reassess, evaluate and set intentions for new goals. Life is chaos, and we cannot expect everyone to meet our needs. Being alone enables us to dive into our voids, get reacquainted with our strengths and shortcomings while we work through the process to become the better version of ourselves. Go with the flow and just let the progress unfold. You’ll be surprised at what surfaces. Time out is also an excellent way to cleanse and protect your energy. So don’t be afraid to hit the pause button on the daily grind to find some peace. Take a bath, read a book, meditate or just embrace the silence. It may seem overwhelming or scary at first, but you’ll see how quickly you unfold like a lotus flower.

Until next time.

Thoughts on spirituality: My spiritual item must-haves

Waking up and being enlightened has been an incredibly personal journey. Despite what is promoted on social media, the journey is not always positive and uplifting. Yes, it is empowering to understand the universal laws and be in touch and aware of oneself; however, it’s not always an easy journey. The below items are my must-haves for a comforting spiritual practice.


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Whether you believe they work or not, crystals are beautiful and are here to assist and support in achieving specific goals. Check out the Crystal Council for further information on their uses and how they work.

Incense and Smudge Sticks

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Sage, palo santo, patchouli or whichever scent you are drawn to is a great way to clean, smooth and elevate the vibe in your personal space. You can purchase these in various metaphysical stores, online, or even make your own, but please be safe when handling these.


High-frequency music that resonates with you is a great way to elevate your consciousness, meditate, or even relax after a long day. Try some Tibetan singing bowls, 432 Hz or even the sound of nature.

Body oils

Body oils are a great way to add a touch of luxury and enjoyment into our daily routines.

Fresh flowers

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Regardless of the seasons, having a bouquet of fresh flowers in the home is a great way to elevate your mood and raise your vibration.


You can literally manifest your goals and live your best life with the act of Journaling. Check out my previous post, The Useful Art of Journaling or my short ebook Journal Your Way To Your Goals: How to manifest your desires and live an abundant life with a simple act of Journaling. Journaling has been the most consistent exercise that kept me on track throughout my journey and even if you are not manifesting anything specific, it is a great way to write your thoughts to process your emotions during challenging situations.

Watch like-minded instructors on Youtube

Even though spiritual growth is a personal journey, there are communities and tribes out there to help you move forward. Find ways to connect with authentic people to swap resources and tools that will help you on your way. Be sure to stay safe and always use your discernment when making connections.

Until next time.

Thoughts on self-reflection: The importance of facing The Self

One of the most powerful things you can do in life is facing yourself. Sometimes it’s not just standing in front of the mirror, releasing emotions and repeating affirmations. It’s sitting still and letting the subconscious bring up all the dirt from the past, your flaws and cringey habits, your mistakes and everything you deem ‘negative’. Going through the emotions and asking questions to understand entirely why you did certain things or why you felt a certain way. Facing the self is also addressing your void, where your deepest unmet needs lie and accepting this for what it is and finding ways to manifest it for yourself. You can tell when someone has gone through this process. They’re usually a lone wolf, unmoved and unbothered by external factors because they finally know who they are. These people are usually strong-willed, independent, honest in relationships and practical endeavours. They say what they mean and mean what they say. Confident in their projection to the world. Such people hold power in their reality, ensuring their connections align with their best interests, yet are not afraid to cut ties with dead attachments and move forward. This is because they have gone through the darkness to face themselves and made it back alone.

This is today’s thought.

Until next time.