Thoughts on success: Success is not easy, it’s consistency and love

It’s everywhere. Blogs about how to make money blogging. Programmes advertised for building wealth through trading, videos on how to save money to get rich and so on… Everyone is convinced that there’s a secret formula to success and wealth and a lot of people are good at convincing you to pay a ridiculous amount of money to learn it. Most people won’t tell you that the key to success is consistency and love for what you’re doing to create avenues for wealth. Sure, I don’t know everything about writing, but I know that I love it so much that doing it doesn’t feel like a job. It’s an art I created for free even before I decided to write and sell books. This is likely the same for anything that successful people do in life.

Mentors can preach about techniques to get you there but if you don’t have the love for something and are not willing to be consistent in learning and putting in the work, sacrifice time and energy and give it your all even after many disappointments then you are going to fail. Famous entertainers had to go on many auditions before they got their ‘big break’ and even had to endure long hours on set. Athletes train for hours on end before they win a race of a lifetime, traders put in hours of learning and studying trends and finding funds to invest before they hit large profits. YouTubers create content consistently for many months (sometimes years) to ensure the algorithms work in their favour. Everything takes time, consistency and love. Yes, it’s difficult, and yes, there are many sleepless nights, but as long as you’re focused on your bigger picture and working on what you love, your success will come to you. There is enough abundance for everyone. Trust in yourself, trust in divine timing.

Until next time.