Thoughts on personal development: How to invest in yourself in 2022

Mercury is in retrograde along with the rest of the planetary shifts currently occurring until we enter into February. I entered 2022 with elevated energy and determination to succeed in my projects. However, life happens, and most times, we have to pivot. 

I continue to learn that we can invest in ourselves along the way. So why do most of us feel guilty about doing it? Investing in one’s self can be in any way that makes you feel empowered to take action toward being a better version of YOU. This can be financially, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Life evolves with twists and turns, but it doesn’t seem to get any easier. Even with an abundant mindset and all the law of attraction practices, you’ll find that chaos still stirs. It’s nearly the end of January, and I acknowledge that some of you are going through it already. I send my best vibes to you. Just trust the process. Sometimes, as much as you feel powerless, you have to find a way to be empowered. This is when you choose to invest in yourself wisely.

First, take some time out and breathe. Take three deep breaths with your hands in your heart centre, and just let the energy flow through your body as you breathe in deep breaths and slowly blow it out. Now, sit or stand in that space of stillness and listen to yourself. What is it that you need right now? What are you feeling? Bring your awareness to your needs and create time to meet them. Only you will know your needs, and only you can create the space to meet them.

When you are working to connect with yourself, remember that it is important to set healthy boundaries to protect yourself from outside forces. Your mental health, time and energy are precious assets. Learn when to say no and stick to it, be aware of where you need to invest your time and with whom. When it comes to financing, ensure that what you choose to invest in for yourself is within your means and always do your research. The same goes for your health. When you feel unwell, don’t hesitate to reach out to a licensed practitioner or therapist for support.

For a quick pivot into self-empowerment, find the below ideas on how to invest in yourself this year.

Read a book

Whether you’re into fiction or self-help, there are a plethora of books to help you get to where you want to be. You can start with my short ebook Make Words Your Friend: How to use the power of motivational language to achieve your business goals and succeed in your creative ventures. An easy guide.

I have a copy of The Cat out of Hell by Lynn Truss that I always read when I’m in a funk.

Invest in a hair treatment/ change your hairstyle

New year, new you.

Invest in your personal development

If you’re self-employed, this is an excellent time to find resources to teach you more about your field. You can also speak to your HR department about available personal development courses and resources at work. If you’re stuck, browse the web and watch a video to learn from many talented content creators on, you guessed it, youtube. Don’t forget to visit your local library too!

Embark on a journey of expressing self-love

Decide to go on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. Don’t be afraid to do activities alone, and in time you’ll probably find that you prefer your own company. (Whatever you do, always be safe).


Start a new workout regime that fits your physical level. Go slow and speak to your GP beforehand if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Work with your budget

Take some time to go through your paperwork, bills and finance. Create a reasonable budget and stick to it. If you are struggling financially, research organisations for support. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of social media fantasies that have you questioning your worth and comparing your life to others. It’s not all real, and everyone’s facing their struggles. Focus on your own financial goals and develop a plan to reach them.


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Go outside and vibe with nature. It’s free. 

Until next time.

Thoughts on self-care: 15 ways to affordably practise self-care

Ah, self-care! What a lovely way to take some time, recharge and connect with the self. Self-care can improve your happiness and align you with your relationships, friendships, and all things that unravel in your daily life. Self-care has been a massive part of my daily routines since I was a teenager, and I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Everyone deserves to feel good and their best. So continue reading the points below for ideas on practising self-care affordably.

Place yourself in positions that brings joy.

Whether you’re choosing to hang out with your loved ones, choosing a new job or venture, it is essential to ensure that you find joy in all that you do. There’s no point in placing yourself in situations that will make you unhappy. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. However, you should try to reevaluate your circumstances and plan positive change.

Read this book

Okay, it wouldn’t be a J.P. Mooney blog if I didn’t inject my own work. But on a serious note, I worked on this ebook to incorporate Neuro linguistic Programming strategies that will help get you where you need to be.

Play with your skincare product

No, don’t throw them around the room and make a mess. Instead, you can make time to use your skincare products as part of your daily routine. Lotions and potions moisturise your skin, although you can also use them to massage your face and body to release tension. Scented products can also elevate your mood, but it’s best avoided if you have allergies and sensitivity. If you don’t already have skincare products, there’s an abundance of good quality and affordable brands you can research and try.

Draw Something

Even if you don’t have fancy art supplies, take a pen or pencil with a blank piece of paper, let go and start sketching. This is therapeutic as it allows your mind to focus on being in the present.

Play With Art Supplies/ Paint

Similar to the above, if your budget allows it, grab some art supplies to create your very own masterpiece. Get in touch with your feelings and pour them on a canvas. Or, get your hands on an adult colouring book.

Buy or Create Bird Feeders

Photo by J.P. Mooney

You’ll be surprised and thrilled to know that you can attract wildlife into your garden and the neighbourhood. You can do this by creating or purchasing affordable bird feeders and food to hang on a tree or fence. I first hung a bird feeder on a large tree in the garden, and within two days, it attracted a variety of colourful wild birds. Hearing their sound is also high vibrational and calming.

Walk in Nature

Whether you have a small patch of green by your house, in a garden, or you have access to a majestic forest, connecting to nature is undoubtedly a great approach to self-care.

Do Some Gardening

There’s a great sense of satisfaction when you see your plants bloom in season.

Meditate or Just Sit Still

If you don’t know about meditation by now, then you’re in for a whirlwind of surprises. Meditation relaxes your mind and can support healing. Meditation can be adapted to meet your needs. There are various ways to practice, research and find one that suits you.

Light A Scented Candle

A scented candle can instantly change the atmosphere in your home and elevate your mood.

Spray Perfume

Likewise, a natural body fragrance or room spray will instantly make you feel good.

Use Essential Oils

Riveting orange, relaxing lavender or earthy patchouli…You’re in for a treat. More information here.

Read My Mated Fortune Series

Read Contemporary Poetry

Read Free Blogs

Reading is a great way to explore current world affairs, gain knowledge and expand consciousness. The beauty of technology is that you can read pretty much anything from anywhere. By reading blogs, you also show support to the content creators and contribute to their online visibility while enjoying the content you love.

Until next time.