Thoughts on life: Learn to love people from afar

If you’re reading today’s post, you’re most likely on a journey of self-growth and consciousness expansion. You will inevitably meet people and conflict along this journey. In the current state of the world, aligning with yourself and protecting your emotional and mental health is imperative. The world currently presents many distractions and emotive agendas. If you want to be depressed and reside in a constant state of fear, look at the news or talk to someone who has not been working on themself. Many of us have worked hard to detach from the negativity of life. But that’s not to say that it can always be avoided. Conflict and chaos bring experience. However, we don’t often realise that some conflicts are in our close environments, presented in the people close to us. This can be toxic family members, friends and partners, and it’s not always easy to disconnect.

One important thing to note is that your job in life is to improve yourself and experience joy. It is not your job to fix others, nor your responsibility to impart knowledge and wisdom to those who can’t receive it. So what do you do? Find a way to adjust your perspective and love them from afar. If you know you need to cut people out of your life, so be it. If you’re a work in progress (because aren’t we all?), learn to take the good of people with the bad. Detach from their toxicity, and set your boundaries while loving them as they are. Take a step back, observe their behaviours, and look at your reactions and how you process information.

Your life doesn’t have to be exceptionally difficult.

Until next time.


Thoughts on philosophy: The Art of Detachment

Don’t let low vibratory people and their worry for the mundane pull you from your progress and elevation. Many times, people will ask questions and bring news that pulls focus from your higher self and growth. It’s quite common to look back and see that some people are still engaged in lack mentality, distractions and generally stuck being stimulated by things that do not serve them. You’ll find that some people even reach out only when it relates to drama or selfish needs. This is why it’s important to detach and remove yourself from triggers that pull focus from your growth. Vibes from people and situations do run off on you hence, why you’re left feeling depleted after certain interactions. The truth is the higher you vibrate, expand your consciousness and elevate yourself, the more your light shines. The brighter you shine, the more energy vampires will be attracted to you, like moths to a lightbulb. Detachment is a way to protect yourself from such interactions. You’ll find that those left unsatisfied with your lack of attention will automatically label you standoffish, selfish or antisocial.

It’s important to set healthy boundaries and honour them to protect your mental health. Not everyone that you meet or have relationships with will be on the same journey or level of consciousness as you. Regardless of situations and interactions that trigger you, reassess the underlying reasons and whether you need to address them or detach from them. Sometimes though, not everything requires addressing hence, the importance of mastering the art of detachment. You can do this by meditating to balance your mind and align yourself, listen to high-frequency music, walk in nature or take a bath with some Epsom salt and essential oil if you’re feeling depleted. It’s okay to set healthy boundaries and distance yourself from drama. Growth is not easy, although we can do things to make the journey easier for ourselves.

Until next time.

Thoughts on discipline: Tune out the noise and focus

Today’s post is a quick reminder for you to remember to tune out outside noise and remain focused on your endeavours. Whether it’s self-development or establishing your businesses, you mustn’t let outside influences knock you off your game. The world will not stop moving, and life gets tough however, understand that you have everything you need from within to succeed. So listen to your inner self and pay attention to your needs.

Thoughts on success: My five favourite tips for being productive

Hello there!

I hope everyone’s having a great start to the week. It is now officially autumn in the UK and it has surely been an interesting year so far. Today, I woke up thinking about productivity. In the midst of the pandemic there’s no doubt that we’ve had to change our way of thinking, planning and doing. Some of us have taken the situation in our stride when it comes to business, using the time spent at home to tick things off our To-Do List while others have simply fallen in a slump of confusion. Whichever side you fall into, perhaps the below tips will assist you in executing your short term goals effectively.

Prioritise your list

This is a simple way to choose your most important task on the list. You can do this by doing your most dreaded task first or by executing the tasks that will create a foundation for other things on your list. However, you decide to use this approach, it is important that you try to keep the process simple and fun.

Get ahead of the game

A lot of us are guilty of leaving things until the very last minute. In most cases, you’ll find that if you just leap into doing the tasks on your list the night before, the feeling of accomplishment tend to motivate you to continue doing things on your list and before you know it, it’s all done. The good thing about this is, if you’re motivated to do everything the night before, you can enjoy some extra time in bed the next morning since the dreaded list is not hanging over your head.

Turn on or turn off distractions

It’s easier for some to turn on music or background noise while they work and it’s a necessity for others to switch off all distractions. Do whatever works for you but don’t get carried away. The purpose of this is to create an environment that motivates you to tap into discipline and get things done!

Try not to take breaks

When it comes to short term goals, i’ve found that the best approach for me to execute tasks is to get it all done at once. Let’s face it, the list is there because you’re probably falling behind on your work so why waste time in between when you can just have it all done and enjoy a rewarding hot beverage afterwards.

Just say no

We are all guilty of saying yes to menial tasks that we simply do not have the capacity to complete within a short timeframe. As your business evolves, you will need to have the courage to simply say no when you know that you are unable to fully commit to demands. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and only you know what is best for you when it comes to managing demands however, please take your mental health into consideration. Being burnt out and missing deadlines could potentially discourage clients.