Thoughts on Strength: You are strong

Just a reminder to reinforce the knowledge that you are strong. Much stronger than you think you are and much braver than you thought you were. Life is full of twists and turns. Even when you feel alone, believe in yourself. Yes, friends and family can support and nurture you; however, you are the key to making your success happen. Don’t put blind faith in people when you don’t believe in yourself first. Use your discernment and trust in divine timing. The weather has been horrendous, reflective of some of our internal struggles, but the more we choose to stay in alignment with our highest and divine self, the more we can push past obstacles and make our mark on this world. People will come and go but keep learning the lessons and remain aware to manifest your dreams better. Life is not over until we choose to give up.

Until next time.

Thoughts on birthdays: A candid approach to a birthday

Yes, I am a Virgo lady turning 29 this month, and I am not impressed in the slightest. My peers are having fun going here, there and everywhere. Dinners, a steady 9 to 5 and what seems to be a solid social circle. I am here and not going everywhere, fighting sleep at midnight, mustering inspiration and motivation to finish my manuscripts, blog posts and creating avenues for entrepreneurial income. Contrary to popular beliefs, my birthdays are usually the last priority on my mind since I entered adulthood. I used to judge myself for being indifferent towards my ‘big day,’ but the more I elevate my mindset and expand my consciousness, the more I realise that it is indeed just a day. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and creating memories; however, it’s not the end all be all. Besides, I don’t need to celebrate that I am literally one year older and wiser. I mean, wiser, really? Perhaps. I have indeed learned a lot about myself, and I am proud of my growth and ability to adhere to healthy boundaries. I am proud that I have managed to weed out the rotten branches and habits that no longer serve my highest purpose, and as much as I may want to shrug off responsibilities to navigate slightly off course, I know that the lesson will be tougher to learn when I do.

Ignorance is no longer bliss during self-expansion, and I am okay with putting in the work now to enjoy the fruits of my labour in the future. Some will label me a hermit, and that is true. Virgos are the ultimate hermits because we just cannot be bothered with drama and disappointments. Surely one should know that only a Virgo can meet and exceed a Virgo’s expectations. (Yes, I am trying to be funny with a pinch of truth.) On a serious note, if you find yourself going through similar emotions and experiencing a bit of turbulence, note that you are not alone, and you have every right to want to preserve your energy. Take some time and go inside yourself to understand yourself. We are human, and it’s okay to break down, mould and rebuild. At the time of my birthday I will be taking some time to reflect and make plans for my solar year’s manifestation. To me, this is just as important as eating cake and being merry. It’s my personal year and I absolutely want to meet my highest achievements. On a lighter note, I send ever-ending gratitude to all who continue to support me and my work.

Until next time.

Thoughts on philosophy: The Art of Detachment

Don’t let low vibratory people and their worry for the mundane pull you from your progress and elevation. Many times, people will ask questions and bring news that pulls focus from your higher self and growth. It’s quite common to look back and see that some people are still engaged in lack mentality, distractions and generally stuck being stimulated by things that do not serve them. You’ll find that some people even reach out only when it relates to drama or selfish needs. This is why it’s important to detach and remove yourself from triggers that pull focus from your growth. Vibes from people and situations do run off on you hence, why you’re left feeling depleted after certain interactions. The truth is the higher you vibrate, expand your consciousness and elevate yourself, the more your light shines. The brighter you shine, the more energy vampires will be attracted to you, like moths to a lightbulb. Detachment is a way to protect yourself from such interactions. You’ll find that those left unsatisfied with your lack of attention will automatically label you standoffish, selfish or antisocial.

It’s important to set healthy boundaries and honour them to protect your mental health. Not everyone that you meet or have relationships with will be on the same journey or level of consciousness as you. Regardless of situations and interactions that trigger you, reassess the underlying reasons and whether you need to address them or detach from them. Sometimes though, not everything requires addressing hence, the importance of mastering the art of detachment. You can do this by meditating to balance your mind and align yourself, listen to high-frequency music, walk in nature or take a bath with some Epsom salt and essential oil if you’re feeling depleted. It’s okay to set healthy boundaries and distance yourself from drama. Growth is not easy, although we can do things to make the journey easier for ourselves.

Until next time.

Thoughts on discipline: Tune out the noise and focus

Today’s post is a quick reminder for you to remember to tune out outside noise and remain focused on your endeavours. Whether it’s self-development or establishing your businesses, you mustn’t let outside influences knock you off your game. The world will not stop moving, and life gets tough however, understand that you have everything you need from within to succeed. So listen to your inner self and pay attention to your needs.

Thoughts on entrepreneurship: 3 Habits of highly successful entrepreneurs

Today’s post will focus on the habits entrepreneurs have that helped them become successful. As easy as it looks, choosing to work for yourself and becoming successful in your endeavours takes courage. It also takes hard work. However, if you take the time to observe those who inspire and influence the world, you will see that they have managed to find constructive shortcuts that made their journey to winning manageable.

They plan their takeover

Whether you want to be the first to create an innovative product or simply inspire others while doing what you love, it is crucial to plan what you want and how you will acquire it. A plan doesn’t just ensure to keep you motivated and disciplined in the short term. It is a mini-manifesto that encourage you to see your bigger picture. A concrete plan gives you a vision, and when you can see your vision, it becomes easier to persuade people to see it. Hence why you need a business plan for a loan or to convince sponsors to invest in your cause.

They sleep

Successful people ensure that they gain enough sleep to keep their minds rested, ready to work on their innovations at all costs. Sure, sometimes projects require more time and energy, and they may not be able to sleep eight hours a day every day. However, they do make sure that they are scheduling quality sleep throughout their days. Quality rest and sleep is important to avoid burnout. When your mind and body are rested, you are better able to work towards your goals with clarity.

They invest in themselves

How many times have you spent time and money on products and services that don’t serve you? In the age of technology and social media, it’s exceptionally easy to get lost in what celebrities and influencers are promoting, and we frown when it’s time to invest time and money in ourselves and our businesses. Nothing in life comes for free, and most times, you need to invest in the tools and services required to give your projects visibility and quality. Life is a cycle, and so is the currency of money and your energy. Ensure that you can afford to lose the amount you have before investing. On another note, I genuinely believe in the power of an abundance mindset. Whenever I choose to spend my money and energy on high vibrational situations, and I genuinely feel like I’m investing in myself, the money I spend always comes back to me quickly. Sometimes we may not want to part ways with our hard-earned income, but it’s important to remember that the flow of money is energy, and this will always come back to you when you put your intent behind your spending.

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